Mach1 Motorsport

Mach1 Motorsport

Mach1 Motorsport again very successful in international kart racingMach1 Motorsport is the official factory team of Hetschel – Mach1 Kart and is supported by: Mach1 Kart, HRP, MIR racewear, BOLEX carburettors, AIM Memotec and Tillett Racing Seats.

Want to be part of the team? contact us!

All dates, pictures and live-infos are on our Facebook pages at Mach1 Motorsport. All events of Mach1 Motorsport on direkt link at Facebook

Mach1 Motorsport Racing Trailer

Mach1 Motorsport Team Data Recording

4 thoughts on “Mach1 Motorsport”

    1. Dear Ronnie,

      thank you for your interest in our racing team. A satellite team of ours is handling the complete MAX Euro Challenge and we from Mach1 are there only for technical support questions. Please contact Daniel Meier from Kartteam Meier (CH) at info [at] kartteam [dot] ch for further information.

      If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me again at info [at] mach1kart [dot] de!

      Best regards,
      Martin Hetschel

  1. Hi.
    hi my name is Marlon Williams and I am interested in the Mach 1 shifter chassis , it will be nice to find out how much it will cost me and be willing to promote the chassis brand on my island Aruba .
    And I want to also point out that we will be having a world championship tag kart finals in October in Aruba ,and I am looking forward to race the Mach 1 and promote it in that race .
    Yours truly Marlon Williams .

    1. Dear Marlon,

      thank you for your interest in our Mach1 products. We will contact you by e-mail with further details regarding your request.
      If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our sales team!

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