Mach1 FIA9 #Made for Winners


The Mach1 FIA9 chassis scores by his outstanding performance on all kinds of situations. It is easy to set up on different grip levels and weather conditions as shows the driver a great feedback on setup changes. Suits perfectly for all junior and senior categories, like Rotax, X30, KF, KZ1/2 and others.

The kart has unique features, like e.g. Sniper Adjuster for caster/camber setup, innovative HRP Vario steering rod with eccentric pills.  Front and rear ride height can be changed in three positions. With the help of two front torsion bars, the steering behavior can be set up individual and on the edge.

Tech Specs

MeasuresTubing material: CrMo-steel
Main tubes: 30mm
Traversal tubes: 30mm (32mm for FIA9 D A05)
Wheel base: 1048mm
Frame color: arktic white (RAL 9016)
In the BoxKG FP7 bodywork (white, black, red, blue), rear protector RS3 adjustable (black), Mach1 Chromo decal kit, magnesium rims DWT VLV 132/212, seat Tillett T12, HRP EvoX brake system, Mach1 steering wheel 320mm (or 340mm), steering rod vario with excentrics, Sniper Adjuster for setting camber and caster
Optionshand operated HRP front brakes, foot rest Vario, additional seat stays, chain guard closed, brake disc protection

Ordering Information

Karts for non gearbox categoriesArt. 1076 Kart FIA9 A05 (standard)
Art. 1078 Kart FIA9 B05 (soft)
Art. 1083 Kart FIA9 C05 (hard)
Kart for gearbox categoriesArt. 1077 Kart FIA9 Z A05
Karts for Rotax MAX DD2 enginesArt. 1081 Kart FIA9 D A05 (model 2014)

Art. 1084 Kart FIA9 D A04 (model 2013)



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