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Mach1 CA2 for Mini and Micro categories
Mach1 CA2 for Mini and Micro categories
Mach1 FIA5 for KZ, OK, X30 and Rotax
Mach1 JK7 and JKS1 with Honda engines for slalom races
Mach1 RT2 Evo
Mach1 RT2 Evo for economic rental use on indoor and outdoor tracks

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Hi Chad,

for PRD both of our models will fit perfect: The FIA9 A03 (2012 model) and the FIA6 Basic (as a more economic model). If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Yes, it should be easy to fit this engine to our FIA9 chassis. If you have any further question do not hesitate to contact us again.

We will publish further info of our new DD2 chassis soon. Further details could be found in the registration form at

The technical specs are as following:
Chassis based on the very successful Mach1 FIA9
tube diameter 30mm
two front torsion bars
Sniper Adjuster caster/camber kit.
HRP brake system adjustable balance
sticker kit incl. floor tray sticker “Mach1 Kart”
Rotax rear protector

The chassis are available from now on at a price (w/t VAT, ex works) of 3520€ (new chassis, w/accessories, w/o engine), there is also a possibility to buy some of the used Grand Final chassis at a price of 4690€ (complete chassis w/engine, gears and rain rims).

Dear Randy,

thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we do not build any chassis for dirt tracks. In Germany and Europe, only flat track chassis are used.

Didnt Mach1 have an importer in the USA at on time. I was in new mexico and drove a Mach1 and enjoyed the chassis. The track owner said he was the importer. Thanks.

j’ai un moteur kzh 125 a clapet, les pieces comme pignon de boite, piston… sont dispo encore ?

Dear Sir,

thank you for your request. Most of the parts are still available. Please contact our sales department for further information.

Hi! This is quite hard queston but what are the best setups for fia9 chasis for wet track? My class is rotax max senior. My friends said that they could not find the right setups. Track is very fast and 1263m long in kouvola finland. Thank you already.

Hi Waltter,

thank you for your question. The rain setup depends a lot on the tyres and the track conditions. As standard working point we recommend following setup:
– full caster
– some negative camber
– toe out 5-8mm
– front torsion bar (the painted one)
– chassis middle or up in front
– chassis middle in rear

Hope this will help you a bit. We recently did a German Championship race in KF with this setup an had very good results with Bridgestone tyres.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us again:

Best regards!

Hi! We have a lot of grip on track.quite too much. How we can take this too much grip away?our chasis is fia 09. class is rotax senior max. Thank you already!

Dear Mike,

thank you for your question. To help you better, it is necessary to know a bit more about the exact chassis model you are using (year of production or product code e.g. A01, A02, A03, A04 or B04) as well as the tyres you are using. If you could tell us from which country you are, it should also be possible to forward your request to our local dealer/importer.

Please use our contact form to get in touch with us:

Further on, we put some tech docs in the specific area to download:

Looking forward to hear from you again!

We have to required Go-kart 160 cc engine manufacturer in Germany / USA.
Please send the detail email address to contact them.


Hi Luis,

the most suitable chassis would be our FIA9 B04. This is the softer one which suits very well for juniors and the MOJO tyres. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us again!

Hi. Is a 30 or a 32mm frame better for Shifter Junior? Some people say that the 30mm frame is too soft. What do you think and i’d like to know wich frame the FIA9 Z A04 is. (30 or 32mm).

Thanks 🙂

Dear Justin,

Thank you for your message. Our Shifter chassis FIA9 Z A04 is made of 30mm tubing and in our experience this is working very well. I think even in Junior shifter this could be an advantage because of the lower total weight.

If you need any further information do not hesitate to contact us again!


I drove some15 years ago in Mach1Estonia reacing team. I still have the kart (Formula A / ICA) but no engine(s). I would like to restore my kart for hobby driveing and I need an engine(s). Do you have KZH 100cc aircooled, with no clutch engines for sale? If not, do you know where to look from?
As my previous engines were KZH, I would like to buy only these engines.

Thank you in advance

Dear Raido,

thank you for your comment. Our sales departmend will contact you directly.

We are interested in you Karts for Australia, I have previously contacted to find a distributor here, we were put onto Fishper in Queensland who did not assist at all which has been unfortunate we are currently running OTK Tony Karts in Senior x30 and Cadet 12 with Mini ROK we are very interested in Mach 1 and would like any information you have in regards to a real distributor here or how we can get your karts in Australia
Kind Regards.
James Szewczuk

Dear James, thank you for your message. Our customer support manager Thierry Delré will contact you shortly by e-mail.

Hello Stepan,

we habe only chassis for kids from about 5 years old.

Thanks and best regards!

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