8 thoughts on “Teams/Importers”

  1. Hi I’m dalton Dow I would like to become a feature driver for your team because of all the good reviews thank you for your time an if you have any interest in my please email me thank you again

    1. Dear Dalton,

      could you please be so kind and send us an email (info [at] mach1kart [dot] de) with your CV and your personal data as well as your plans for 2014. We will contact you as soon as possible.

  2. Hi I’ve tried to contact you multiple times off your info email address but every time it comes back as cannot send. Is there another way I can contact you? Thanks

    1. Dear John,

      thank you for your message. You can e-mail us at info[at]mach1kart[DOT]de this should work. You can also call us at +49 7135 98490

      Thanks and best regards,
      Martin Hetschel

  3. I would like information on your all electric go- kart for the australian market
    Regards colin

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