Who we are?

Ingo E. Fischer

Hetschel, Mach1, KZH: the three are one. Hetschel is the Manufacturer – the family which has given its name to one of the oldest Karting plants. Mach1 is the make of chassis produced by the company. And KZH, the make of its famous engines (which they built up to 2010).

One must go back to 1968 for the genesis of the family business. Lothar and Wilhelm Hetschel manufactured their first kart more than 50 Years ago in the cellar of their father’s house, in Zuffenhausen/Stuttgart – the Porsche city. In order to design a vehicle properly and control its development, there is nothing better than also to carry out its tests. And what is the best testing ground? Competition, of course! Wilhelm Hetschel fain sat behind the steering wheel and, with the contribution of his technician brother, conquered several national titles in Germany. As results and experience came, the Hetschel brothers started developing a series production in 1972. From Stuttgart, they then moved to Brackenheim-Meimsheim, where the headquarters of the company still are.

With all his German seriousness and rigour, Hetschel has built for himself a solid reputation by manufacturing both his own chassis and engines, in categories with or without a gearbox. The fashion of “full” Manufacturers was only developed much later so Hetschel played a pioneer’s part in this field.

Although the Mach1 and KZH products have been exported to a large extent, they almost always owed their most spectacular successes to German Drivers. Before their well-known motor sport careers, Drivers such as Heinz Harald Frenzen, Jörg van Ommen and even Michael Schumacher used Karting equipment “made in Hetschel”. The make won its latest international title thanks to yet another Germanic Driver, David Hemkemeyer, European Formula A Champion in 2002.

Lothar and Wilhelm Hetschel – and their spouses – are still at the head of the company some 42 years after their first creation – and as a good selfrespecting family business, the children – led by Martin Hetschel – are fully part of the adventure and quite decided to perpetuate the tradition. (source: www.cikfia.com)