Mach1 CA2

Mach1 CA2 for Mini and Micro categories

#Start into Karting


The Mach1 CA2 was developed for the smallest in karting, thought it show the same driving experience that the “real” racing karts. The chassis is very easy to drive. Even without a huge amount of experience it can be set up easily for different grip levels and weather conditions. Suits perfectly for engines like Rotax MicroMAX, IAME Waterswift/Gazelle/Leopard, Racket, WTP and many others.

The chassis is equipped with unique features, like Sniper Adjuster for easy — and independly — set up of camber and caster, optional G-shaped front torsion bar with 3 positions. Front and rear drive height could be set in two heights.

Tech Specs

MeasuresTubing material: CrMo-steel
Main tubes: 28mm
Transversal tubes: 28mm
Wheelbase: 950mm
Frame color: macadamia metallic
In the BoxKG MK14 bodywork (black, red), rear protector KG Tris (black, red), Mach1 Chromo decal kit, aluminum rims HRP 115/150, HRP EvoX Mini brake system, Mach1 steering wheel 300mm (or 320mm), Sniper Adjuster for camber/caster setting
Optionsseat, adjustable foot rest, additional seat stays, chain guard closed, front torsion bar G-shaped
RemarksNOT FOR ROAD USE. Use on a race track with appropriate safety gear only.

Ordering Information

MinikartArt. 1093 Kart CA2 A03