Mach1 gets DSKC victory in Wackersdorf

Linus Hensen wins the half-time race at Prokart Raceland

At the half-time event of the German Kart Championship, the signs for Mach1 Motorsport/ were clearly pointing to success last weekend: In the third round of the top-class championship, the racing team of the German kart manufacturer was convincing across the board and secured a race win in the DMSB with Linus Hensen Shift Kart Cup. Gianni Andrisani also made it into the cup ranks and shone as a strong fourth.

The 1,197 meter long course of the Pro Kart Raceland in the Bavarian Upper Palatinate heralded the halfway point of the German Kart Championship last weekend. More than 50 drivers in the DSKC took to the wheel in predominantly extremely difficult conditions. In preparation for the forthcoming Shifterkart World Championship, a large number of players took the opportunity to adapt to the conditions on the track – the fights over the past few days were correspondingly tough.

For Linus Hensen, the event in Wackersdorf was a real stepping stone to success. After a recent major disappointment after being denied victory in the race in Genk, Belgium, the North German really hit it. Linus was already one of the absolute top pilots in fifth place in qualifying and continued his strong performance in the heats. Starting from second place on the grid, the KZ2 driver made it to the top in the first race and thus clinched his long-awaited victory. In the second round, the Schleswig-Holsteiner at the front fought for the lead and finally impressed with a great second place.

Gianni Andrisani made a strong showing in the slipstream of his team-mate. From position 18 after qualifying, the Mach1 protégé put in a convincing race to catch up and was already sixth in the first race. In the second race, Gianni then improved again: The youngster finished fourth in the top group and won a DSKC trophy.

After a bit of bad luck in the heats, Lukas Thomsen’s event began with a rollercoaster ride. Unfortunately, the 17-year-old dropped back to 26th place in the first race and didn’t have it easy from there. But Lukas was undeterred by this in the following round. With strong manoeuvres, the up-and-coming talent passed his opponents lap after lap and finally, in sixth place, just missed the cup ranks by a hair’s breadth.

Maximilian Schreyer confirmed his continued positive trend with good performances at the beginning of events. With a tenth place in the second heat, the Hessian made everyone sit up and take notice. Unfortunately, two failures destroyed the hope of a promising balance in the intermediate ranking. Ultimately, Maximilian unfortunately missed the deserved entry into the finals.

With three trophies in his luggage, team boss Frank Hansen was visibly satisfied in the evening: “What a weekend. We were finally able to celebrate his first official race win with Linus and thus deliver a remarkable performance. Gianni and Lukas also did an incredibly good job and more than underlined the potential of our package. Unfortunately, Maximilian had to deal with a lot of bad luck. Otherwise he would have been a realistic candidate for the points.”

In just under two weeks, Mach1 Motorsport / will start the next round in Wackersdorf. With the FIA Shifterkart World Championship, the racing team faces a really big one
task before.