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Pawel Myszkier finishes DSKC in fourth position

Mach1 Motorsport finishes DSKC-Season in the fourth position
Marco Zanchatta celebrates debut for the German manufacturer

This past weekend the final of the German kart championship was held in the Belgian Genk. Mach1 Motorsport started with five drivers and belongs once again to one of the top teams. Sunday night, the only German kart manufacturer was happy about Pawel Myszkier coming in fourth place in the DMSB shifter kart cup.

After lastly big success in the IAME X30 Euro Series and the Polish X30 championship, Mach 1 was back at the German kart championship.184 participants from over 20 nations started in the final in the Belgian Genk. Two weeks before the kart world championship in the same place, the categories were staffed top-class.

The Italian top-pilot Macro Zanchetta was a new addition to the team. He used the races in the German shifter kart championship to prepare for the world championship and made his debut in the first heat coming in second place. The following races did not run as smoothly so that he started the second final from the end of the field. Within the 19 laps, he fought his way up through the top-class field and saw the checkered flag as the 13th driver. “Marco integrated very well into our team and it is fun to work with him. His experience is major and it helps us as well to develop further”, team boss Martin Hetschel praised his new member.

Pawel Myszkier belongs to the top drivers in the SMSB shifter kart cup and fulfilled his role also in Genk. Disregarding his deficit in the second heat, he was always placed under the top five and finished both finals in fourth place. He was rated the same place in the overall rankings. His team colleague Tim Schröder showed his great development and became even faster throughout both days. In the end, he landed 16th in the point rankings.

Also, the German kart championship had an outstanding occupancy in the finals. Liwinski and Tim Tröger accepted the challenge and experienced tough qualifyings. Coming in 25th and 26th, the duo did not meet their expectations. In the course of the heats, fought his way to the front and qualified as the tenth driver for the finals. Ranked seventh place he came up with better but had to record a failure in the second heat. His team colleague Tim Tröger had a difficult time on Saturday finding the perfect rhythm but drove from rank 18 onto eight rank.

Concluding, team boss Martin Hetschel was pleased with the presentation of his team: “We highlighted our speed in every class. With a little more luck we would have made it into the top five. Also great praise to our Supported Team DS Kartsport who came in the fifth rank in the German shifter kart championship.”

The team will continue in a few days with the final of the ADAC Kart Masters in Prokart Raceland Wackersdorf.

Marco Zanchetta with Mach1 Kart

Marco Zanchetta starts for Mach1 Kart in the World Championship. Start at the DKM and Kart World Championship in Genk

The Italian Marco Zanchetta reinforced the Factory Team of the German kart manufacturer Mach1-Kart. He has his premiere at the German shifterkart-championship in Genk. The big highlight is waiting two weeks later at the international KZ2 Super Cup within the scope of the FIA Kart world championship.

After strong results at the FIA Kart European championship, Mach1-Kart wants to continue to impress at the Highlight of the kart world championship. For that purpose they welcome the Italian driver Marco Zanchetta to the team. The experienced kart driver won the WSK Masters Series in 2011 and ever since belongs to the international Top-drivers in the shifterkart sport.

Martin Hetschel, the head of the team, as well as Thierry Delré, team manager of Mach1 Motorsports, are pleased about the new addition to the team: “With Marco we found a very experienced driver who can support us at his best. This year we highlighted our capabilities in the strong KZ2-field already and we want to drive in the front ranks. The new Mach1-Chassis is ready for that.”

Zanchetta is well known in Karting. The driver from Italy gets in on the top ranks of the international Kart sport for many consecutive years. Besides his title in the WSK Masters Series, he was the Italian runner-up in 2014 and also drove this year in the race series onto the winners’ podium. He knows the racetrack in Genk very well from these past years.

During the final of the German shifterkart championship he has the chance to test out the race conditions of the Mach1-Chassis for the very first time. Two weeks later he will take off for the world championship also in Genk. The international KZ2 Super Cup is once again staffed top class and a great challenge for both driver and manufacturer.