ADAC Kart Masters title for Mach1

Mach1 Motorsport achieves ADAC Kart Masters title
Julian Müller new KZ2-Champion – Tim Tröger OK-vice champion

German chassis manufacturer Mach1 had every reason to rejoice last weekend. At the final of the ADAC Kart Masters in Bavarian Wackersdorf, Julian Müller achieved the overall victory in the hard-fought shifter kart class KZ2. Tim Tröger also impressed completely and achieved the vice-championship in the OK class for his team.

Last weekend, everything was at stake for 163 drivers at the Prokart Raceland in Wackersdorf once more. In the final ranked races of the ADAC Kart Masters, all drivers fought for the last remaining points in the strongly manned championships of the renowned racing series. Under partially difficult conditions on the 1.190m long track, Mach1 Motorsport sent four drivers into the races and showed a brilliant performance.

Erik Müller experienced a retained Saturday at the X30 seniors and was on the 25th place of the interim rankings after a severe racing accident during the last heat. Due to his injuries, he was then only able to enter the second final race but still achieved a conciliatory ending: he raced forward from the end of the field to 16th position and thereby achieved a good final result of his rookie season.

Tim Tröger belonged to the big title favorites at the OK. With the second place at qualifying and second place after the heats, he lived up to this role at the beginning of the weekend. During the first ranked race, the Plauen resident showed his best form by coming in second and driving the best time of the race. In the second race, the tire selection, unfortunately, put a spoke in his wheel though. On the drying track, the Saxon chose rain tires and unfortunately had to forfeit the race prematurely. This didn’t change the outcome of the championship anymore though and Tim was honored as the vice-champion of the OK class in the evening.

David Liwinski started into the first race from 18th place after unfortunate heats and then showed some action. In the strongly manned OK-field, he drove forward to 10th place during the first race and even achieved jumping on the winner’s podium at the second race by coming in third.

Julian Müller traveled to the final in Wackersdorf with high ambitions. In the shifter-kart class, the decisions were still to be made at the last event, which is why the Cologne resident started his catching-up race immediately after coming in eighth at qualifying. By ending up on 5th place in the interim rankings, Julian highlighted his upwards-trend for the first time and even improved this by coming in third at the first ranked race. During the second race, Julian proved his skills by coming in eighth as well. In the end, a freeze during the second race left no doubt and the KZ2-routine driver achieved the well-deserved ADAC Kart Masters title.

Team leader Martin Hetschel summed up the events with a big smile on his face in the evening: “The title at the KZ2, as well as the OK-vice championship, are rewards for our hard work during the year. Despite the partially difficult track conditions, we were able to drive among the front fields until the end and hold our ground against the best drivers of Germany. We now want to tie in with this next season – we’re still hungry for more success.”

Next weekend, the team is going to travel on again. The Kart World Championship is then going to take place in Genk and Mach1-Kart wants to impress on international ground.


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