Mach1 Motorsport with a modified racing program in 2021

Corona situation makes it difficult to deploy a works team

The official works team of the German kart manufacturer Mach1 Kart will focus in 2021 on supporting the strong dealer network and developing the new chassis for the homologation phase at the end of the year. In addition, there will be a new edition of the successful Virtual Experience Days in February.

The year 2020 was one of the special ones at Mach1 Motorsport. The team was extremely successful with its drivers and won the DMSB Schalt-Kart-Cup with Tim Tröger and at the same time ended up in third place with Julian Müller and Paul Voegeding in sixth. Tröger also fought for a place among the top in the ADAC Kart Masters -Three and ended up finishing fourth.

But this year the official Mach1 Motorsport works team is taking a step back and the kart manufacturer from Brackenheim put its focus on looking after the individual Factory Supported racing teams in Germany and abroad. “For us as a company, it is currently difficult to implement the required corona rules in accordance with the law and to protect our employees responsibly. As a result, we will have a major training disadvantage and will not be able to achieve the goals we have set ourselves. For smaller or private teams, on the other hand, it is easier to take current tests in neighboring countries, ”explains team boss Martin Hetschel.

Nevertheless, Mach1 Kart will also be present on the kart tracks in Germany and Europe in 2021. The good dealer network is being looked after even more closely by the headquarters than before and can therefore reap the laurels from past successes. “If the organizers allow it, we will try to be with our technical team at many races and offer the best possible service for our customers. We currently consider this to be the best and most expedient way to deal with this difficult situation. We informed our works drivers of this decision before Christmas and would like to take this opportunity to thank them again for the excellent 2020 season, ”continues Hetschel.

Wilk Motorsport takes care of customers at the ADAC Kart Masters as well as the WAKC and SAKC. The team has many years of experience and is a strong partner of Mach1. In the Rotax area, is one of the most successful teams in recent years. Team boss Frank Hanssen and his team take part in all German and selected international Rotax events. The former works driver Tim Schröder is again the contact person at the events in the north, here primarily at the NAKC and OAKC.

Despite the break of the racing team, the development of the successful Mach1 products continues. The crew is already working at full speed on the new chassis models for 2022, then a new homologation is due again and after hopefully overcoming the corona pandemic, Mach1 Motorsport will again fully intervene in the racing events.

Virtual Experience Days take place in early February

Due to the current requirements, it is unfortunately not possible to hold the successful in-house exhibition this year. Still, karting doesn’t have to do without news from Mach1 Kart. After the premiere last April, there is a new edition of the Virtual Experience Days. From February 2 to 6, 2021, Martin Hetschel and his team will once again be discussing exciting topics related to karting with selected guests. For further information, interested parties are welcome to register for the newsletter


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