Mach1 Kart drives in the top field in Ampfing

Factory team with four drivers at the ADAC Kart Masters

The second round of the ADAC Kart Masters took place on the 1,063 meter long Schweppermannring in Ampfing. 148 drivers were represented, including the protégés from Mach1 Motorsport / Even if there was no strong countable result, the team showed its strength again.

“This year we’re starting with two shifter kart rookies. So it’s important for us to gain racing experience. The field at the ADAC Kart Masters is strong and offers a great platform for it,” said Frank Hansen over the course of the weekend. His drivers didn’t need to hide at all. Gianni Andrisani led the quartet in fifth place after qualifying and also defended his position during the heats. In
he still lacked assertiveness in the finals, but he still secured sixth place in the championship standings.

Linus Hensen only arrived on Saturday and started the weekend with a corresponding training backlog. Despite this, he was fifth in his qualifying group and tenth overall. He continued to find his rhythm in the heats and stayed in the top ten. In the first race, however, he made a mistake on the first lap and slipped to the end of the field. In the course of the 18 laps, however, he fought his way back up to 17th place. Unfortunately, there was a retirement in race two and he wasn’t able to continue his race to catch up.

Rookie Maximilian Schreyer is getting better and better: at 14, he is one of the youngest drivers in the field. He consistently established himself in the strong midfield and booked his first championship points in Ampfing. Lukas Thomsen also impressed with a strong race to catch up. In the second final he impressively advanced from 28th to 16th place.

“We can go home satisfied and will build on that. All drivers did very well, of course there is still room for improvement. We’ll tease this out. The combination of chassis and engine was first class again” is Frank Hansen’s conclusion.

In four weeks, the ADAC Kart Masters will enter the next round. Then, at halftime, the racing series will be held in the Arena E in Mülsen.