ADAC Cup for Mach1 Motorsport / in Mülsen

Strong performance in challenging conditions

150 participants traveled to the Arena E in Mülsen at the halfway point of the ADAC Kart Masters at the weekend. Among them was a trio from Mach1 Motorsport/, which was convincing in the KZ2 shifterkart class. All three were contenders for the top ranks and
showed the potential of the chassis from Germany.

Races five and six of the national ADAC Kart Masters took place on the 1,315 meter long race track in Saxony in midsummer temperatures. The fields were again top-class – Linus Hensen, Gianni Andrisani and Maximilian Schreyer competed with a Mach1 kart.

Even after qualifying it became clear that there is no need to hide. Linus Hensen ended up in a promising sixth place and continued to cling to the top five. In the first final alone he lost ground due to a spoiler penalty – but fought his way back up from tenth place in the second round and was honored with a trophy in fifth place in the daily ranking.

Gianni Andrisani delivered a great improvement. He has been convincing with his speed since the start of the season and underlined that in Mülsen as well. While Saturday was still subdued, he fought his way up from 17th place to ninth and sixth on Sunday. He ended up right behind his team-mate in the daily standings.

Rookie Maximilian Schreyer is also on the up. In his first shifterkart season, he is getting better and better and after the heats he was eleventh and within striking distance of the top ten. Unfortunately, he was unlucky at the start of the first final and had to follow the field after a collision. In the 15 laps of the race, he restored the connection, but did not manage to gain any major position gains. But he let this follow in the second round. From 26th on the grid, he fought his way up to 13th place and was rewarded with championship points.

Team boss Frank Hansen was in the best of spirits on Sunday afternoon: “The weekend was really tough, especially the weather made a challenge for all of us. But we dealt with it very well and our chassis worked perfectly. We are very pleased to be among the top teams with our drivers in such a demanding field. Our youngest Maximilian gave us a lot of joy this time. He has found his rhythm and is on par with the experienced competition.”

The team will continue from Thursday in Wackersdorf. Strong competition awaits at the Road to Wackersdorf, which is preparing for the upcoming Kart World Championship in September.

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