Hausmesse 2015

Mach1 invites you to their home fair 2015 – Lots of highlights for visitors

Direct link to the discount vouchers and workshop announcements (German).

The company Hetschel is inviting you to their traditional home fair at the head office in Meimsheim in 2015 again. During the three days, interested visitors can look at the exhibition of the current Mach1 kart models, view the ultra-modern frame- and part-production and inform themselves at the newly-designed workshops about the topics kart racing basics, chassis tuning and data logging and discuss these.

Opening hours are going to be 2 p.m.- 6 p.m. on Friday, January 30th and 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Saturday, January 31st. On Sunday, February 1st, only the exhibition is going to be open from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., there will be no company tours or workshops on this day. Refreshments are going to be served as well: Like every year, the youth fire department Brackenheim is going to do the catering (bratwurst, fries, coffee, cake, …) and is looking forward to lots of visitors.

There will once again be a lot of new things to see: The newly homologated 2015 Mach1 FIA5 karts for all classes and a GTC long distance kart on the basis of the new FIA5 are going to be the focal points for sure. The current Mach1 clothing line is also going to be on display. Interesting for motorsport clubs will be the presentation of the JKS1 karts with Honda engines and up to 9 bhp and a weight compensation of up to two times 20kg, as well as a smaller slalom kart for young drivers from 6 years on. Indoor operators can view the proven, very sporty lease-kart RT2 Evo in the version II.

A big year wall calendar 2015 which already has the most important racing dates on it will be waiting for every visitor again.

Interested visitors can get information on the official factory team Mach1 Motorsport and the Mach1 factory supported teams, which are going to take care of drivers at national and international events again next season. There are still exclusive drivers slots available, so talk to us if you’re still looking for a professional, victory oriented team for the upcoming season.

There is also going to be a big selection of special offers, including exhibition- and pre-owned karts of the racing team in mint condition, race tires in different compositions, Tillett seats and cover parts/bodywork of KG. Additionally, smart spenders can print out discount vouchers, which can be deducted from all regular articles, MIR-drivers’ suits and Mach1 clothing.

The free-of-charge, newly-designed workshops about the topics kart racing basics, chassis tuning regarding race conditions and data logging top the event off. The company Hetschel asks for advance announcements because places are limited.

Furthermore the firm me-mo-tec is going to inform about the current products of AIM-MyChron during both days. Additionally the measurement instrumentation-specialist is bringing along his new Homesim racing simulator. Interested visitors can test drive the fair novelty during the regular opening hours.


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