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Mach1 Motorsport starts into the DKM season with a second place

John Norris at the DKM in Ampfing with Mach1 MotorsportAfter gaining the vice Championship title last year, the German chassis manufacturer Mach1 Kart wants to reach for the crown this year. The kickoff in Ampfing already went very successfully and the team is currently on second place on the overall list of rankings.

Everything is going in quick succession for the Mach1 Motorsport team. After appearances at top-class races in Belgium, Italy and Spain, it now became serious on home ground as well. The German Kart Championship’s kickoff took place in Bavarian Ampfing and four drivers started for the Mach1 Motorsport team. Factory driver John Norris was the fastest driver right from the beginning. He drove the sixth fastest time during qualifying and ended up on seventh place after the Heats. He showed a great catching-up race during the first race then. From the start, he fought his way past his strong competition and managed to jump to second place after 24 laps. “This was a great race for us. The kart worked perfectly and perhaps even more would have been possible,” said Norris at the finish line. During the second race, he unfortunately wasn’t able to tie in with his great performance of the same morning. John had to fend off hard attacks from his opponents and fell back to seventh place. Nonetheless, he defended his second place in the Championship ranking and did justice to his role as a favorite. Manuel Valier proved to be in top shape during his home race as well. The Munich resident impressed by coming in fifth during the Heats and managed to tie in with this performance during the finals. By coming in tenth and twelfth, he belonged to the fastest German drivers and is currently on seventh place on the overall list of rankings. Marco Forrer on the other hand had some bad luck. The Swiss was on the same level as his team mates but was involved in several accidents during the races and was therefore stuck in the chasing field. Team leader Martin Hetschel was quite content with his team’s performance: “Of course it could always be better. Our material has worked very well though. Our work of the past couple of months is obvious and it’s great to work with this team.”

Young Norwegian Nicolai Hagenaes managed to continue his positive trend of the past weeks. During his first race on the challenging 1.063m track, he became faster and faster and started into the first final on Sunday from 21st place. He gained a couple of positions during the starting phase already and established himself in the chasing field. At the finish line, Nicolai came in on the great twelfth place. He managed to gain one more place during the second race, which enabled him to collect his first Championship points. “Nicolai keeps improving himself. He learns quickly and is very good at adjusting to new requirements. By achieving 11th and 12th place he has exceeded my expectations,” Hetschel praised his youngster.

Next weekend the team will already be travelling to their next race. The kickoff of the ADAC Kart Masters will take place on the Hunsrückring/Hahn and Mach1 Motorsport will be there with more than ten drivers. At the same time, John Norris and Nicolai Hagenaes will start at the second ranked race of the WSK Euro Series in Sarno.


Numerous successes for Mach1-Kart

During the past weeks, Mach1 drivers started at lots of different races across Germany and Europe and achieved remarkable results.

Nicolai Hagenaes and John Norris got things started at the second event of the WSK Euro Series in Spanish Zuera. In gleaming sunshine, Norwegian Hagenaes drove his best race of the year so far. After a flat during qualifying, due to high commitment he managed to achieve entering the final race of the strongest European racing series during the Heats. During the finale, he once again participated in exciting duels and in the end finished on 27th place. Team leader Martin Hetschel was accordingly content afterwards: “To finish among the best 34 is already a strong achievement in this field. Nico is increasing his performance from race to race and I’m already very excited about the further development of the season.”

John Norris was less lucky. The fast Irishman gained a good starting position by coming in 21st during qualifying. Everything came at him thick and fast during the Heats though. Despite great lap times, technical difficulties slowed him down again and again, causing him to miss entering the finals for the first time this season. “It’s really disappointing. Regarding pace, we were able to be a factor front and center. We now have to carefully analyze how the fallings out could occur, to be able to improve in the future,” John Norris said fiercely.

A week later, Mach1 drivers were present at as many as three different locations. Nintendo Team Scheider driver Fabian Hellwig achieved a victory in the X30 junior class at the starting of the DMV Kart Championship. At the seniors, Niclas von Wendt-Pappenhausen landed on second place. Only a few kilometers away, the starting of the Rotax Euro Challenge took place in Belgian Genk. There, Mach1 Motorsport driver Maxi Fleischmann drove his first race using the new material and felt comfortable right from the beginning. During qualifying he wasn’t able to drive times due to a technical falling out and had to start the Heats from the last positions respectively. Because of three good results he then managed to improve his position from 55th to 23rd and immediately qualified for the finale. He finished this on 21st place and was content in the end: “The result is satisfying because this has been my first race after a longer break. We tested again on Monday and found a couple of tenth of seconds again, which causes me to feel confident about the coming races,” said Maxi Fleischmann. In Belgium as well, Julian Müller started at the X30 Challenge Europe in Mariembourg. The young man from Cologne held his own in the international starting field and just barely missed entering the finals as the second strongest German driver. During the b-finale he then managed to establish himself in the front field, but had to end his weekend prematurely due to an accident.

During the past weekend, Mach1 Motorsport started at three different races again. As many as seven Mach1 drivers wanted to go strong at the premiere of the German Vega Trophy in Hahn. Unfortunately, Julian Müller and Sebastian Schwendt had to cancel their appearances beforehand due to illnesses. Alexander Heil (X30), Lukas Korsch (X30) and Philipp Heim (X30J), as well as both Nintendo Team Scheider drivers Nick Hansen (X30) and Dominik Breier (KZ2) held the Mach1 flags high though. Alexander Heil drove his first race of the year and did a great job. In the end, he came in 4th and 5th during the finals. Philipp Heim achieved 14th place during qualifying and the pre-finale, was then involved in a collision during the second final though and had to end the race prematurely.

In Wackersdorf, old hands Toni Greif and John Norris started at the Kart-Trophy White-Blue in the shifterkarts class. Unfortunately, Toni had to park his kart during qualifying due to a technical defect and therefore had to start the first final from the last starting position. Toni then demonstrated his experience and fought his way forward up to 4th place. During the second final he temporarily even led the field, in the end came in second though, just barely missing first place. “My material worked perfectly and I’m happy about the great result, despite the unsuccessful qualifying”, Greif summed up. In the meantime, John Norris celebrated a premiere. He started with a shifterkart for the first time and felt very comfortable. After a short adaption phase, he already gave it his all during qualifying and finished on 7th place despite a membrane damage. He capped it all off during the races then and drove the fastest laps respectively. “It’s a very special feeling to drive a shifterkart. I got used to it pretty quickly though and am very content. Toni and I have demonstrated that our karts also work perfectly in this class,” said John in a good temper.

At his home track in Ampfing, Manuel Valier got in the mood for the starting of the German Kart Championship. At the starting of the Southern German ADAC Kart Cups, he set the pace in the KF2 class and didn’t give his opponents any chance for attacks. By achieving two victories, he laid a good foundation: “My competition was certainly not as strong as it will be at the DKM, but I now feel very well prepared nonetheless”, said Manuel.

On Thursday, the team will travel to the first big event of the German Kart Championship. The German Chassis manufacturer will be present in Ampfing with its drivers, a week later they will already travel to the WSK Euro in Genk and the starting of the ADAC Kart Masters in Hahn.

Out of luck in Ampfing

Lucas Speck with Mach1 Kart at the DKM in AmpfingThe third event of the German Kart Championship in Bavarian Ampfing was quite the affair for the Mach1 Motorsport team. During the races, the Chassis manufacturer seemed to be out of the necessary luck, only Lucas Speck provided a ray of hope by ranking fifth.

“I’m looking forward to a short break”, a relieved Martin Hetschel said after the half-way race of the German Kart Championship. For the past six weeks, the team has been travelling throughGermanyand was able to celebrate a lot of successes. These unfortunately stayed away in Ampfing. With John Norris and Lucas Speck, as many as two candidates for victory started in the highest German Kart league. After the Heats, everyone was still in a good mood, John had gained 6th position, Lucas finished on 14th. During the first race, Irish John Norris had to suffer a little though; he was involved in an accident right after the start and had to prematurely give up due to a damaged chassis. Meanwhile, the race could not have gone better for Lucas Speck. In a breathtaking photo finish, he reached fifth place and was able to celebrate his first DKM-trophy. The second finale was one to forget for both drivers. Lucas Speck had a particularly bad start and fell back significantly during the course of the race. After 24 laps the duo reached the finish line on the 21st and 22nd positions respectively, even though Norris had been aiming at the top ten during halftime of the race. Another collision caused him to lose a lot of positions again though. Lisa-Christin Brunner was not able to start at all, because she had suffered a bruised rib during Friday’s free trainings and had to pass up her participation entirely.

Similar events happened at the juniors. Cedric Piro drove in the front field once again and qualified as sixth driver for the first final race, after coming in fifth twice during the Heats. During the first final race he was the victim of a spectacular starting accident and had to prematurely give up the race after only a couple of meters. After a short medical examination he was allowed to start in the second finale, but had to prematurely end this too due to severe pain. Nikolina Radonjic started for Mach1 Motorsport for the first time and presented a distinct training curve. However, in the end she just barely missed qualifying for the finals by coming in 10th in the repechage.

Martin Hetschel was happy to have finished this thrilling racing day: “It just wasn’t supposed to be. The chassis has worked perfectly in these high temperatures and we would have very well been able to extend our places in the overall list of rankings. In the end Lucas has had a small success and was able to collect valuable championship points by ranking fifth. We’re hoping that Cedric and Lisa will get well soon and will be healthy and able to drive their karts again quickly.”

In three weeks time, the team will travel toPortugalto attend the first race of the U18 Kart-World-Championship. There, three drivers will start in a Mach1 Kart.


Mach1 Motorsport: Five cups and overall lead at the ADAC Kart Masters

Die erfolgreichsten Mach1 Kart PilotenDuring the second run of the ADAC Kart Masters, Mach1 Motorsport was once again able to impress and is developing into one of the strongest and most successful teams of the championship. On Sunday evening, as many as four of the 14 drivers had landed in the trophy ranks and Lucas Speck is now leading the KF2 overall list of rankings.

A big challenge awaited team leader Martin Hetschel in Ampfing. Placing 14 drivers in five classes kept the team manifoldly busy and definitely successful. “After our success in Oschersleben we received a great reception. Now we have added Cedric Piro and Chris Dahlmann to our KF3 team and are hoping for good results there as well”, explained Martin Hetschel.

Lucas Speck was the most successful driver in the KF2. After reaching 3rd place in Oschersleben, he was once again able to drive in the front field and finished his races on the excellent 2nd and 3rd positions. This put the Rhinelander at the top of the overall ranking, making him a serious candidate for winning the title. His team mate Manuel Valier was very fast as well. The race counted as a home match, being only 60km away from his hometown. After winning a Heat, theMunichresident secured a starting position in the front row. During the race he had to go one down though and came in 5th. He then experienced a serious setback during the second race, being involved in an accident at the start, which led to him having to hurry after the group of 28 drivers. After 18 laps he still managed to come in 13th and was able to gain important championship points. The third driver was Lisa-Christin Brunner. She was continuously involved in quarrels though and was not able to drive freely, only coming in 21st and 24th.

The Swabians put three drivers in the KF3 as well. Next to permanent driver Johannes Gumbrecht, Chris Dahlmann and Cedric Piro drove their first race in a Mach1 Kart.Saarlandcitizen Piro had a really good start and drove the fastest lap of his group during qualifying straightaway. A defective part during a technical follow-up inspection threw him back to the end of the field, on 49th place, though. Luckily, Piro was not impressed by this. During the Heats, he fought his way up to 16th position and managed to leap into the top ten during the first race, coming in 9th. He had to deal with another setback during the second final then. After a quarrel during the first lap, he once again had to fight his way from the back of the field. However, his backlog was so big that despite constantly driving fast laps, he was not able to get past 21st position. Chris Dahlmann was on the same level as Piro as well. The youngster will compete in the U18 championship with Mach1 and used this race as preparation. After coming in 20th during the rainy Heats, he managed to fight his way up to 11th position during the first race under dry conditions. The second race unfortunately ended prematurely due to a collision that was not his fault. The racing weekend was less successful for Gumbrecht: due to two mediocre Heats he missed qualifying for the finals.

At the IAME X30 juniors, Mach1 Motorsport placed Axel Ausländer, Loris Prattes and Sebastian Schwendt in the races. The fastest driver turned out to be Schwendt: after reaching 3rd position during qualifying, he fought for a top five placement during the first race. A small driving error led to him falling back on 9th place though. He then experienced a huge setback during the second race. Due to an accident at the start of the race, he fell back on the 21st position. Loris Prattes bailed the team out, coming in 13th. During the first race he had been on 22nd position. Axel Ausländer has to shrug off his guest performance in Ampfing. He fell short of his own expectations during both races.

Alexander Heil was a save candidate for a place on the podium once again. Ranking 4th during qualifying secured him a good starting position, which he was able to bring home during the first race. The second one ended before it started though. Alex had to make a pit stop due to a technical issue. The mechanics were able to repair the damage quickly but once back on the track, he lagged three laps behind his competitors and lost all chances to a good end result. His team mates Lukas Korsch, Baldur Bahn and Jan Jesse drove in midfield during the races and fought for positions from ten to 20.

Toni Greif started as a soloist at the shifter karts again. Having started in a Mach1 Kart for the first time in Oschersleben, he was very comfortable in it quickly and always drove to gain more points. In the end he managed to increase his performance even more and earned a trophy, coming in 4th and 7th.

Team leader Martin Hetschel was very content on Sunday, even though not all the drivers had been able to show their potential. “This weekend has once again been a hardness test for our material, which we passed with flying colors. We were competitive when it was hot, cold and wet, which underlines the extraordinarily good balance of the Mach1 kart again. Unfortunately, in the end only Lucas had countable results in both races. Manuel was on the same level as his team mate, but the accident during the first race threw him back considerably. Our juniors have managed to impress me as well; Chris and Cedric were immediately competitive with the new material – without test kilometers. We were also able to show that we can deal with the competition in the X30 classes. Unexpected occurrences got in the way of better results though.”

The team’s next race will already take place next weekend. At the DMV Kart championship in Wackersdorf, the team will prepare for the upcoming race of the German Championship.


Great Mach1 Show in Ampfing

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Jannick Flygenring at DKM in Ampfing
Jannick Flygenring at DKM in Ampfing

The Mach1 Motorsport Team travelled to the German Kart Championship’s second event in Bavarian Ampfing with three drivers who presented a perfect performance. Actually, Irish driver John Norris was temporarily in the run for the overall victory.
After their impressive performance at the U18 championship, Danish duo Martin Mortensen and Jannick Flygenring started into the second round of the DKM highly motivated. It was their first time on the challenging track in Ampfing (Bavaria), so they made use of the free trainings to get accustomed to it. After the Heats, both of them had placed in midfield and in the final races came in 16th and 17th respectively.
Irish John Norris on the other hand was in his best form again. Because he already belonged to the fastest drivers in the trainings, it came as no surprise that he ranked 4th after the qualifying. He kept increasing his performance with a 1st and a 3rd place during the heats, which secured him the pole position for the sprint on Sunday morning. “A perfect day”, beamed John in the evening. After a good warm-up he successfully started into the sprint and did a solid race on Sunday morning. He came in fifth place. “I expected a little more grip and therefore needed too much time to reach yesterday’s pace.” In the final race everything came together again and he engaged in enthralling battles. Six laps before the end he promisingly ranked fourth. However, he once ran over the curbs too hard, thereby destroying his brake disc. After a short moment of shock he quickly adapted to his new situation and finished the race using only his front brake. At the finish line he had only lost three positions, proving his outstanding driving skills. “What a pity”, says Norris disappointedly. “The Kart worked perfectly and I was sure to win a place on the podium. Despite this small misfortune I’m still very content.”
Team leader Martin Hetschel was very glad about the successful race as well. “This year is going very well for us. The Mach1-Kart has a great balance and additionally the combination TM/Bolex has a high competitive position. Now all we need to achieve a grand victory is a little bit of luck. Likewise, our drivers are constantly improving their performances and we’re now looking forward to the ADAC Kart Masters in Wackersdorf.”

Mach1 Kart: ADAC Kart Masters half-time champion

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Luca Walter beim ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 KartAfter the third race weekend of the ADAC Kart Masters in Ampfing Mach1 Kart Pilot Luca Walter leads furthermore the championship in the class IAME X30 junior. The other four pilots had a weekend with ups and downs.

After his success in Liedolsheim, Luca Walter was also very fast in Ampfing (Bavarian). In the first race of the IAME X30 junior class the drivers had very difficult track conditions. Luca showed a great performance and scored his second win. In the second round he was again quickly and finished on the second place. With these great results Luca got important points and lead the championship. Mach1 Motorsport team boss Martin Hetschel was happy with this success. “Luca drove two great races and showed that you can win with a Mach1 Kart on dry and wet conditions.”

Lucas Speck beim ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 KartBad luck had the other drivers in KF3 and KF2. The KF3 driver Mario Abbate had a great season start in Oschersleben and Liedolsheim. But in Ampfing he retired in one heat and lost the qualification for the final races. The two KF2 pilots Lucas Speck and John Norris had a disappointed weekend too. The guys were very fast in the qualifying but had misfortune in den races. Speck was in his first heat sixth, but had an engine failure in the second run and was at the end only 20th.



John Norris bei den ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 Kart Team made John Norris from Ireland had electronics problems on Saturday and managed the qualification as 32nd after the heats. In the final races on Sunday, Norris had a great comeback and overtook more than 20 drivers. But in the finish he got a penalty and dropped down to place 19. In the second race he had a crash in the midfield and retired early. Lucas Speck had a similar situation. After a failure in race one, he drove very fast times in round two and stepped up to rank 20.

With Loris Prattes the team collected first experience in the Bambini class. At Sunday midday he arrived the finish line in each race and was placed in the midfield.

“This weekend, we can not be satisfied. Our drivers were very fast but had many problems and couldn’t show their full performance.” Martin Hetschel frustrated.

Mario Abbate bei den ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 Kart Loris Prattes bei den ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 Kart

The next race for the German chassis manufacture is the start of the CIK-FIA U18 World Championship in Ortona (Italy). Mach1 Motorsport starts there with four drivers.