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Mach1 Motorsport wins in Oschersleben

Mach1 Motorsport wins in Oschersleben – Tim Tröger among the cup ranks twice

Huge joy for the German chassis manufacturer Mach1 Kart: At the half-time race of the ADAC Kart Masters in Oschersleben, OK-driver Tim Tröger achieved his first victory for Mach1 Motorsport and is on the strong second place of the championship. His team mate Erik Müller did well at the X30 seniors too.

The hard work of the past weeks is now paying off. Almost 150 participants started at the ADAC Kart Masters in Oschersleben last weekend and Mach1 Kart belonged to the favorites at the OK-class right away. Tim Tröger felt comfortable in beaming sunshine and made a first impression at qualifying by coming in third. He then achieved a victory at the following heats and was on second place of the interim rankings.

The two final races on Sunday were heated. The field was strongly manned with 33 drivers and Tim was always among the top ten places. During the first race, he fell back to fourth place and then fully attacked once more during the last race of the day. At the beginning of the race, Tim immediately took the lead and was unstoppable until the end of the race. Afterwards he was very happy about his first victory for his new team: “It’s a great feeling to be on top of the podium again. We’ve been competitive from the beginning and were able to build on this. I’d like to tie in with this at the next races.”

Tröger’s team mate Erik Müller was successful at the X30 seniors as well. During his first ADAC Kart Masters season he is getting faster and faster race by race and was on the great eighth place after the heats. He used this good starting position during the final races. The driver from East Westphalia fought thrilling duels with his competition among the front midfield and drove forward to seventh place – thereby he just barely missed placing among the cup ranks. The second race went turbulently: He unfortunately lost some ground this time and came in 15th.

It was a successful weekend in Oschersleben for team leader Martin Hetschel: “I’m very content and happy about Tim’s victory. The competition was strong but we’ve invested a lot of work during the past weeks and are now seeing great results – we’re building on this. Erik presented himself in great shape as well. I’d also like to thank our factory supported team DS Kartsport for their hospitality this weekend.”

Mach1 Motorsport is going to continue in three weeks with the next event of the ADAC Kart Masters – on the Erftlandring in Kerpen this time.

Mach1 Experience Days 2018

directly to the registration, discount vouchers and workshops

Time Table Mach1 Experience Days 2018 (as PDF-File)

The company Hetschel invites you to the Mach1 Experience Days from Friday, 2nd of February to Sunday 4th of February 2018 at the factory in Meimsheim. This year, again, the dialogue and exchange of experiences between the Mach1 drivers and the German chassis manufacturer as well as their Factory Supported Teams are in the foreground. Interested parties can also visit the exhibition of the latest Mach1 kart models and the modern frame and parts production. Measuring specialist Memotec also brings back a racing simulator for karts and formula sports, which can be extensively tested on all days.

The core offerings of the Experience Days are the free courses (workshops) on the topics of karting basics, chassis tuning under race conditions and data acquisition on Fridays and Saturdays at several time slots. The workshops are designed in such a way that the knowledge is developed in a dialogue and own experiences can be discussed directly with the heads of the workshop and the other participants. The target groups are beginners, youth clubs and ambitious racing drivers. As the number of participants is limited, Hetschel will ask for registration (at http://anmeldung.mach1kart.com).

In addition, interested visitors can get information about the official factory team Mach1 Motorsport and the Mach1 Factory Supported Teams, which will again offer drivers seats at national and international events in the upcoming season. There are still exclusive seats available, please contact us if you are still looking for a professional, victory-oriented team for the current season.

There are also a lot of new products to review: The current Mach1 FIA5 Karts for all classes, which will get some new features as well as the new EvoX brake system for 2018, will certainly be the focus. The current clothing line from Mach1 is ready for the fitting. For motor sport clubs the presentation of the new JKS1 youth and slalom carts with numerous improvements and new features, as well as a smaller Slalomkart JK7 for young pilots from six years on, is certainly worth a visit. Indoor operators can visit the proven and very sporty RT2 Evo rental cart in version II.

On both days, Memotec also provides information on current AIM-MyChron products, especially the new MyChron5. All equipment is available at the house fair and is ready for purchase.

A wide selection of special offers, including new-looking demonstration and year racing from the Rennteam, racing tires in various mixes, Jecko seats and paneling / bodywork by KG will make the eyes of the visitors shine. In addition, you can also print discount vouchers, which are discounting all regular articles, MIR driver’s suits and Mach1 clothing. Every year, visitors will be presented with a large annual calendar of 2018, which has already printed in the most important race dates.

The opening hours are Friday, 2nd of February from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, and Saturday, 3rd of February from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. On Sunday, February 4th, only the exhibition is open from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, workshops will not take place on this day.

With free of charge Mach1 Kart to the X30 World Cup – German chassis manufacturer provides great offer for IAME International Finals

From October 9th – 15th the X30 engines of the IAME International Finals are going to be heard again in Le Mans. The German kart manufacturer Mach1-Kart provides an attractive offer to all the qualifiers of the X30 World Championship. Interested drivers receive a current Mach1 chassis free of charge for the race in Le Mans.

Kart racing fans can look forward to thrilling races at the IAME International Finals in Le Mans in 2017 again. The German kart manufacturer Mach1-Kart has something very special in store. Qualifiers receive a free of charge chassis for the world final and can test the successful product in a race.

Everyone who is still excited by the Mach1 chassis afterwards can purchase these at special prices. A chassis incl. front wheel-handbrake and/or gearshift lever costs 2969€ incl. GST. A
normal junior- or senior-chassis is already offered for 2439€ incl. GST. In comparison: These new chassis normally cost 4735€ incl. GST and 3890€ incl. GST respectively.

Additionally Mach1-Kart provides an optional complete package incl. camping site, service and gas for 100€/day incl. GST or 600€/week incl. GST for the IAME International Finals.
Racing engines can be rented per request. Interested drivers can contact Mach1 Kart via info [at] mach1kart [dot] de. The slots are limited.

Shifterkart-double victory for Mach1 Motorsport – Strong performance at the ADAC Kart Masters in Wackersdorf

Mach1 Motorsport just experienced an eventful weekend. The racing division of the German chassis manufacturer started at the second event of the ADAC Kart Masters with five drivers and experienced an exciting event. In the end, Daniel Stell caused a lot of joy due to a double victory at the shifterkarts.

Last weekend Mach1 Motorsport wanted to attack. The team surrounding Martin Hetschel travelled to the Prokart Raceland with five drivers. All in all, 166 drivers started at one of the most modern kart racing tracks of Europe to give it their all at the ranked races three and four in beaming sunshine and midsummery temperatures.

The youngest drivers started at the Bambini class. Mach1-protégé Sondre Norheim started there as well. The Norwegian drove among midfield despite the considerably less experience he had on the track compared to most of his opponents and started into the first ranked race from 20th position. He then lost some positions during the race, but was able to fight his way forward to 19th place during the second race and thereby achieved entering the top 20.

Also from Norway, Harvard Hallerud started at the X30 seniors. After a successful Wackersdorf-debut last year with fifth place at the finale, things didn’t go according to plan for the Scandinavian this time. After the heats Harvard was on 18th place of the interim rankings. Among the strongly contested midfield he was involved in a collision though and had to end the race prematurely. From the back of the field he then was able to show his possibilities during the second race and caught up to the top ten. Unfortunately a 5-seconds-penalty threw him back to 18th place in the end.

Marcel Weber started at the OK seniors as a soloist and had to deal with engine problems throughout the entire weekend. From 23rd place at qualifying the rookie then improved to 17th starting position for the final races. But he wasn’t able to get further than 24th and 21st places in the end.

Daniel Stell and Julian Müller started at the shifterkarts. Daniel showed a perfect performance at his guest appearance at the ADAC Kart Masters. The Hammelburg resident already did a great job during qualifying and led the list of rankings. The routine driver then secured pole position for the first ranked race by achieving first and second places at the heats. Daniel did great there too, entered the race with a perfect start and celebrated a grand start-finish- victory in the end. At the second race things went similarly: Daniel won again.

Julian Müller started into a horrible weekend initially. Two fallings out during the heats threw the ambitious driver to the end of the interim rankings. He wasn’t intimidated by this though. Julian showed his talent during the ranked races and drove two impressive races. The first catching-up race ended with the crossing of the finish line on ninth place. At the second race, he just barely missed placing among the cup ranks by coming in seventh.

In the evening Martin Hetschel praised his drivers’ performances: “I think nothing can be added to Daniel’s performance. He was excellent throughout the entire weekend and highlighted our potential. Julian would have been a top five driver without the problems on Saturday as well. Our two Norwegians were able to gather lots of racing experiences again. Marcel unfortunately had some bad luck. We fought with his engine’s performance from the beginning.”

Mach1-karts are going to start in Wackersdorf again next weekend. The second race of the Rotax Max Challenge Germany is going to take place then. The factory team is going to continue things at the German Kart Championship in three weeks.

Perfect performances by Mach1 drivers in Le Mans – Twelve drivers started against international competition

More than 400 drivers from all over the world started at the IAME International Final in French Le Mans. German chassis manufacturer Mach1 started with multiple drivers and belonged to the favorites.

Thierry Delre started at the X30 Super Shifter. The champion of 2012 and 2013 had aimed for his third success. With mixed weather conditions, he didn’t catch a free lap during qualifying though and had to be content with the 11th position. He then highlighted his performance during the heats and drove forward to second place. From the first starting row he then didn’t risk a lot during the pre-finale and stayed close to the front on third place. During the final, the Belgian fought for the big victory. Unfortunately he didn’t manage a good start and therefore fell back a little. He was then able to fight his way forward to the strong fourth place again until the end of the race.

Victorien Sabotava started at the shifterkarts as well. After a lot of bad luck during qualifying he was last of the top-class field of participants. During the course of the heats he fought his way forward to 14th place though and came close to the top ten during the finale. In the end, a time penalty threw him back though and he was only ranked 18th.

The English team MLC Motorsport sent multiple drivers to start at the X30 Senior. Brett Ward showed a strong performance. He finished qualifying of the fully manned class on fifth place. Due to a time penalty and a falling out he fell back to 18th place during the heats though. The finals didn’t go as hoped either. Numerous collisions caused a premature end. His team mate Ollie Varney crossed the finish line. He also had a good starting position due to being fourth of his qualifying group and he knew how to use this. Just like Ward he entered the final races. During the pre-finale he gained a couple of positions again and fully attacked during the final race. Problems with his racing tires made him fight with dull weapons though. He ended up on the disappointing 17th place on the overall list of rankings.

Norwegian Havard Hallerud (HP Motorsport) didn’t catch a perfect qualifying at the seniors. On 76th place, he stayed far behind his expectations. But instead of giving up he fought his way forward to the overall 46th place. Thereby he entered the B-finale and finished this on tenth place.

Luke van Heerwarde and Davey Shepperd also started at the seniors. Both of them weren’t able to find their rhythms though and stayed behind their usual performances. While Luke missed entering the C-finale, Davey started there. Unfortunately the race ended for him after six laps due to a technical defect.

Craig Shenton (Mach1 UAE) started at the X30 Master as a soloist. It was the first race on the challenging track for him and he got faster race by race. His commitment was rewarded by 22nd place at qualifying. During the heats he then experienced something entirely new. For the first time Craig started on a wet track and had to get used to it. On Saturday he then entered the B-finale on fourth place. After the best time during warm-up he was very confident but a defective ignition system stopped him in the end.
The races went less well for the four juniors William Pedersen, Jay Khoury, Marven Dinar and Rashed Ghanem. All four started in Le Mans for the first time and collected lots of experiences. Rashed Ghanem was the best youngster on Sunday by ending up on eighth place at the C-finale. William Pedersen followed on 18th place.

In the end, team leader Martin Hetschel was content with his drivers’ performances and also the performance of the Mach1-chassis: “We highlighted the possibilities of our material. Thierry was very close to the top at the shifterkarts and the seniors also fought for the overall victory. At such a huge event everything has to work out right in the end to achieve success.”

Successful weekend for Mach1-drivers in Oschersleben – German chassis manufacturer highlights own efficiency

Mach1-drivers were highly successful at the fourth races of the ADAC Kart Masters in Oschersleben once again and celebrated with several places on the podium. The official factory team started with three drivers.

In mostly beaming sunshine and pleasant temperatures lots of spectators were on location at the Motorsport arena in addition to the 145 participants. Germany’s best drivers dueled on the 1.018m long track – among them Douglas Lundberg and Julian Müller at the KZ2-drivers as well as Pawel Myszkier at the X30 senior class, starting with Mach1 Motorsport. All three drivers experienced a successful weekend.

Douglas Lundberg stood out at the shifterkart drivers and caused contentedness among the whole team. Lundberg started at the race as a guest driver in preparation for the races of the German Kart Championship in Oschersleben and celebrated his personal premiere on the track in Saxony-Anhalt. In the beginning he had some problems with the wet track during qualifying and ended up on the seventh place.

In the following heat he then had to deal with a technical failure and dropped out. Things didn’t go so smoothly from this point forward either: Douglas experienced a chaotic start during the second heat but was able to fight his way forward and came in on the strong second place. With a lot of confidence he then started a catching-up race during the first final race, which was rewarded with the great third place. He also came in third during the second race.

His team mate Julian Müller started into the weekend promisingly. With the fastest lap time during warm-up he immediately showed his opponents that he meant business. He then lost his rhythm due to heavy rain though. At qualifying he came in ninth and then had to be content with the 15th starting position after the heats due to a time penalty and several collisions. During the first race, Julian improved his performance to 11th place and secured the eighth place on the championship ranking after the second race despite an engine defect.

The weekend held some ups and downs for soloist Pawel Myszkier. Initially he proved during the free trainings that he was able to drive among the forefront and came in fifth. During qualifying he then fell back a little though and only came in 22nd. “Unfortunately the engine power just wasn’t really like we planned it”, he explained. The team worked on the problems in preparation for both heats and adjusted the necessary screws. Pawel then improved his performance and started into the races from twelfth place. During the first race he immediately achieved the jump to the top ten by coming in tenth and he was also able to highlight Mach1 Motorsport’s efficiency with the fastest lap of the race.

Team leader Martin Hetschel was obviously impressed by the performances of his protégés: “The guys did a great job. In addition to our three drivers the drivers of our factory supported teams DS Kartsport and LS-Kart have shown good performances as well. The results highlight the possibilities of our chassis.”

The next racing weekend for the German racing team is going to be at the beginning of September. Then, Mach1 Kart is going to travel to Swedish Kristianstad for the World Kart Championship.

Mach1 Kart drivers with numerous successes

Thanks to strong performances of the Mach1-Kart drivers, the German chassis manufacturer was successful on different locations at the same time last weekend. Douglas Lundberg became strong fourth winner at the Swedish Championship in Kristianstad, Julian Müller impressed at the ADAC Kart Masters and Mach1 was able to drive among the front field at the ACV Rhine-Main Kart-Cup as well.

Factory driver Douglas Lundberg started at the Swedish Championship in Kristianstad in front of a local audience and was among the top drivers from the beginning. He secured pole position at the shifterkart-class KZ2 during qualifying. 200grams underweight threw him back to the end of the field though. During the course of the heats he was then able to fight his way forward from 73rd position and ended the big finale on the outstanding fourth place. “Douglas showed a sensational performance. To come back so strongly after that huge misfortune during qualifying is a great achievement. Our material worked perfectly. We’re going to keep working hard until the Championship and come back even stronger”, team leader Martin Hetschel summed up.

Julian Müller and Pawel Myszkier started at the half-time race of the ADAC Kart masters in Kerpen. On his home track, Müller finally had no problems and experienced two perfect racing days. He already drove among the front field during qualifying and the heats and was able to tie in with this during the final races. He ended up in the cup ranks on third and fifth places and experienced his best racing weekend at Germany’s strongest kart racing series so far. On the overall list of rankings he thereby jumped to eighth place.

Pole Pawel Myszkier experienced a completely different weekend at the X30 seniors. On 10th place during qualifying, he completely fell out during the heats and had to start into the first final race from the last place. Despite the high power density at the X30 seniors he fought his way forward with a strong performance from 33rd to 14th position. His positive trend was then unfortunately stopped during the second race due to another falling out.
The Mach1 factory supported teams DS Kartsport and LS-Racing showed strong performances as well again. The Mach1 drivers drove among the forefront at the Bambini class and ended up with three drivers among the top five. LS-driver Lucas Speck did well at the shifterkarts and ended up on third and fourth places.

“This was a good weekend for Mach1-Kart. At the shifterkarts three Mach1-karts temporarily were on the front positions. There was a similar image at the bambini class. Unfortunately Pawel had bad luck at the X30 seniors, otherwise he would have been a certain top five candidate as well”, Hetschel summed up.

At the ACV Rhine-Main Kart-Cup, Rotax DD2-driver Marco Göttler and Rotax Micro driver Jonas Teichmann had perfect racing days in Wittgenborn and both secured the well-deserved triumph on the day’s rating due to a double victory.

Mach1-Kart is already going to travel to the next event next weekend. The German Kart Championship’s third of five events is going to take place in Genk. Two weeks before the European Kart Championship at the same location the fields of participants are going to be strongly manned.

Mach1 Kart achieves world-class success

Last weekend, Mach1 Motorsport travelled to the IAME International Finals in Le Mans with nine drivers. Moreover, the German chassis manufacturer sent John Norris to the Vortex-Rok world final in Lonato as a soloist and showed strong performances in France as well as in Italy.

Last weekend, more than 300 drivers met up for the IAME International Final on the challenging track in French Le Mans. Old hand and two-time champion of the years 2012 and 2014 Thierry Delre was able to impress. During qualifying of the gear class he was dealing with setup problems and ended up on 17th place. He was able to considerably improve his performance during the four heats though and found back to his usual pace quickly. Thierry experienced a major setback during the last heat on Saturday evening though: Being on sixth position, he had to park his kart prematurely due to a big end bearing defect. The Mach1 driver was followed by bad luck on Sunday as well. During the pre-finale he was involved in a collision and had to end the race prematurely. During the finale the kart driver then showed a great catching-up race and finished the race on the great eighth place.

Two more Mach1 drivers started among the strong shifter field: Corentin Gregoire from Belgium and Viny Sobrevia from France. Young Frenchman Viny Sobrevia started at his first international race and was able to impress by coming in 14th at the finale. His team mate Corentin Gregoire had some bad luck: He showed a solid performance during the heats, but then had to park his kart prematurely during the pre-finale as well as the final race due to a collision and a technical defect. “Thierry presented himself in the best light again. If we had had a little more luck, a place on the podium would surely have been possible this year. Viny and Corentin have done really well this weekend too and have shown that the Mach1 kart works well for lesser experienced drivers as well. Unfortunately we didn’t have the necessary racing luck at the shifterkarts this year”, team leader Martin Hetschel summed up.

Three Mach1 drivers started among the X30 senior field counting 123 drivers: Haavard Hallerud from Norway, Paul Pittham from Australia and Jonathan Williams from England. Haavard Hallerud showed a solid performance during qualifying and finished it on 29th place as the best Mach1 driver. He had less luck during the heats though and only qualified for the C-finale in the end, which he finished on the good 11th place. Second driver Paul Pittham qualified among the top 15, but was taken out of the ranking afterwards due to the wrong fuel. After some bad luck during the heats the Australian was still able to finish the C-finale on 9th place. Jonathan Williams continuously got better and achieved more racing experience during the heats. In the end he finished the C-finale on 25th place.

At the juniors, Cameron Boedler, Samuel Cornwell and Jarle Gaard fought for good results in the field counting almost 100 drivers. Cameron Boedler drove among the front field. The German-Brazilian already proved his possibilities by coming in 16th at qualifying, but had to deal with some setbacks during the heats despite a good fourth and sixth place. From 19th place he started into the final phase of the weekend. He finished the pre-finale and the finale on 18th places respectively after some fights for positions and lap times at top-three-level.

Samuel Cornwell only came in on 44th place at qualifying and missed qualifying for the finals by only three points after impressive catching-up races during the heats. He then showed a solid performance during the B-finale and finished this on third place. Norwegian Jarle Gaard celebrated his premiere on an international track. In the end, he was able to gather a lot of experience and achieved a satisfactory result by coming in 22nd at the C-finale.

John Norris at the ROK Final in LonatoParallel to the events in Le Mans things were heated in Lonato as well. The international Vortex-Rok finale took place on the traditional Italian race track the same weekend. Factory driver John Norris started there with the support of Polish Mach1 kart-importer Kornel Lenartovicz. After two drivers had cancelled on short notice due to health issues, the Irishman travelled to Italy with a considerable training deficit. By achieving fifth place at qualifying of the field consisting of 56 drivers, the old hand made himself known at the beginning of the event already. Subsequently, John proved his qualities during the heats by achieving fifth, third and second places. During the finale, the Mach1 driver even raced forward to second place and thereby achieved the vice title at the Rok-World finale. “What a slap-bang action! I started with this engine concept for the first time and immediately felt comfortable with it. It’s a great result for me and the whole Mach1 team at the end of the season”, John rejoiced after the award ceremony.

Team leader Martin Hetschel’s summary was positive as well: “First I’d like to thank my importers MLC Motorsport (England), Delre Racing (Belgium), TP Motorsport (Norway), FKI (France) and Lenartovicz Motorsport (Poland). Without their great work, a success like this would not have been possible at the end of the year. Of course I’m also proud because our hard work throughout the past years is now paying off. More and more drivers are using our material and are proving to be competitive by national and international comparison. Thanks again to all drivers and teams for their trust and cooperation.”

The German chassis manufacturer keeps proving that this progress is not a coincidence: In the coming days, the new karts for the model year 2016 are going to be presented. Mach1 is offering track days again in cooperation with the successful Mach1 team DS Kartsport. The first round is going to take place on November 6th and 7th in Liedolsheim. Interested drivers and teams can register for the test days by phone (+49 7135 / 9849-0) or e-mail (info [at] mach1kart [dot] de).

Mach1 Kart wins X30 international final * World title in the X30 shifter class

After the IAME X30 international final in Le Mans, pure joy prevailed for German chassis manufacturer Mach1 Kart. Shifterkart driver Thierry Delré dominated the final races and was announced X30 shifter winner in the evening. The other drivers were successful as well.

Mach1 Motorsport was present at the X30 international final in Le Mans (France) in cooperation with the English Mach1-importer MLC Motorsport. On the brand-new Alain Prost Circuit, the World-Championship titles of the juniors, seniors, masters and shifters were dealt out. The first free trainings already started on Wednesday. Qualifying took place on Thursday evening in flood light and rain. Numerous heats took place on Friday and Saturday, which held the decisions regarding the starting positions for the finals on Sunday.

Belgian Thierry Delré experienced a perfect racing weekend. He started into the events with a third place at qualifying and achieved two victories, a second and a fourth place during the following heats. He thereby achieved pole position on the overall list of rankings and had best chances of winning. In beaming sunshine, he showed two thrilling races. Despite strong pressure from his opponents, he kept the upper hand and achieved the overall victory. Team leader Martin Hetschel was really happy in the evening: “Wow, we’ve been working on our shifterkart concept for the last two years and are now celebrating big international success already. Thierry gets along great with the model and has driven superb races.”

The biggest competition waited at the X30 seniors. 99 drivers from more than 20 nations started there. Haavard Hallerud from Norway, Josh Hatton and Jonathan Williams from Great Britain started in a Mach1 kart. Josh Hatton showed the strongest performance. He fought with the adverse conditions during qualifying and therefore had to start into the heats from midfield respectively. He fought his way forward skillfully to eighth, eleventh and 15th places and drove top three times. Two fallings out threw him back further though and he was only able to start at the B finale. He was able to highlight his strength during this though and came in second twice. “With his times a lot would have been possible at the A finale”, knew Martin Hetschel.

Hatton’s fellow countryman Jonathan Williams celebrated his international racing premiere in Le Mans and became faster and faster with every race. In the end, he came in 15th at the C finale. Norwegian Haavard Hallerud had some bad luck in the meantime: Despite a good performance at the heats, a couple of accidents that weren’t his fault threw him back considerably and he only qualified for the C finale. He had set high goals for himself, but two engine defects caused him to forfeit prematurely.

Things were heated as usual at the juniors. Gus Lawrence always drove among the top ten during the free training and finished his qualifying on the good 24th place. He gainedmore positions during the turbulent heats and started into the A finale from 19th starting

position. He wasn’t able to fight with strong weapons during the finale though. Due to an engine problem he fell back to 27th place during the pre-finale. For the finale, the whole drive train and cable harness were changed and Gus was able to fight his way forward to fifteenth place.

His junior colleague Lewis Kent wasn’t able to find the right rhythm in the rain and was only on 49th place of qualifying. Due to a starting position in midfield, the heats didn’t go perfectly as well. He entered the B finale from the eighth place and finished it on the good sixth place.

Team leader Martin Hetschel was happy in the evening: “We can be very content with this weekend. The victory at the shifterkarts highlights our racing material’s qualities and is a great thank you for the whole crew – everyone has worked really hard. The other drivers perfectly with our material. The conditions couldn’t have been more diverse: rain, sun and cool temperatures. We’re now looking forward to the new year in good spirits.”


Mach1 Motorsport: Not a lot of luck in Ampfing

After the exciting kick-off at the European Kart Championship, Mach1 Motorsport travelled to the second race of the ADAC Kart Masters. In Bavarian Ampfing, the team fought for the victory at the X30 senior class. Unfortunately, everything turned out differently in the end. There was still reason to rejoice, because a Mach1 chassis won at the Bambini class.

The factory team of the German Mach1 chassis started at the ADAC Kart Masters in Ampfing with four drivers. 199 drivers took part in the five designated classes in great weather. At the X30 senior class, a Mach1 Motorsport driver was able to drive in the forefront. Julian Müller achieved second place at qualifying and also gained a heat victory shortly afterwards. Due to another sixth place, he was on the third overall starting position for the first final race after the heats. Despite his high chances of winning, he was stopped by a defect then. His chain came off and forced the young driver from Cologne to forfeit the race. The disappointment was huge for the team as well as the driver: “Julian is in top condition this weekend and then this happens”, team leader Martin Hetschel said about the events. He then improved his performance during the second race again and fought his way forward from the last starting position to twelfth place. “With his catching up race, Julian proved what kind of performance he would have been capable of”, said Martin Hetschel in the evening.

Team mate Luca Walter had even worse luck. The X30 junior Champion of 2011 was involved in an accident during the first final race and suffered injuries to his shoulder. Martin Hetschel is hoping to see his protégé in a kart again soon: “Luca has dislocated his shoulder and is currently under medical care. The whole team wishes him a speedy recovery.”

Philipp Heim started at the X30 junior class. He had a good starting position due to his 19th place at qualifying. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so smoothly during the races then. He was only on 29th place after the heats and finished the first final race on this same position. During the second race he had to give up even before the start due to a technical defect during the warm-up lap. Marco Forrer missed entering the final races at the shifterkart class KZ2. The field was fully manned counting 50 drivers and Marco was able to impress due to fast lap times. Unfortunately, a collision during the second heat cost him qualifying for the finals. “Both of them have shown really good performances within their possibilities. Unfortunately Marco just barely missed entering the finals. His lap times were very competitive and without the collision he definitely would have entered the finals”, Martin Hetschel praised his drivers.

DS Kartsport provided a success for a Mach1 chassis. Miroslaw Kravchenko won at the Bambini class. “We congratulate the team on their success. This is the first victory of a Bambini chassis at the ADAC Kart Masters”, Hetschel rejoiced.

The team will continue their travels in only four days time. The second event of the German Kart Championship is going to take place in Wackersdorf. Just a few weeks prior to the European Shifterkart Championship, filled up fields are expected.