With free of charge Mach1 Kart to the X30 World Cup – German chassis manufacturer provides great offer for IAME International Finals

From October 9th – 15th the X30 engines of the IAME International Finals are going to be heard again in Le Mans. The German kart manufacturer Mach1-Kart provides an attractive offer to all the qualifiers of the X30 World Championship. Interested drivers receive a current Mach1 chassis free of charge for the race in Le Mans.

Kart racing fans can look forward to thrilling races at the IAME International Finals in Le Mans in 2017 again. The German kart manufacturer Mach1-Kart has something very special in store. Qualifiers receive a free of charge chassis for the world final and can test the successful product in a race.

Everyone who is still excited by the Mach1 chassis afterwards can purchase these at special prices. A chassis incl. front wheel-handbrake and/or gearshift lever costs 2969€ incl. GST. A
normal junior- or senior-chassis is already offered for 2439€ incl. GST. In comparison: These new chassis normally cost 4735€ incl. GST and 3890€ incl. GST respectively.

Additionally Mach1-Kart provides an optional complete package incl. camping site, service and gas for 100€/day incl. GST or 600€/week incl. GST for the IAME International Finals.
Racing engines can be rented per request. Interested drivers can contact Mach1 Kart via info@mach1kart.de. The slots are limited.


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