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Mach1 manages Bahrain-premiere

Mach1 Motorsport at the U18 WKC in BahrainA special challenge awaited Mach1 Motorsport at the final of the CIK-FIA U18 world championship in Bahrain. At the season’s sole race abroad, they had to manage not only the logistic challenge but also the circumstances of a night race. Both drivers, Randy Berglas and Lukas Korsch, experienced a mixed racing weekend though.

The brand-new track close to the Bahrain International Circuit belongs to the most modern tracks in the world due to its novel layout and some demanding passages. It thus demanded a great deal of the drivers. Additionally, the races took place in floodlight for the first time. Numerous spotlights lit up the 1.414m track and caused a unique air.

Randy Berglas from Switzerland felt comfortable right from the beginning and was able to drive in the forefront during free trainings. He even managed to end the first day with a top time. After these great results he legitimately hoped for a top placement in the finals. But a decreasing performance of his unified engine gave him a hard time. Randy became slower and slower and wasn’t able to tie in with his great results of the previous day. In the end, he qualified for the finals on 26th place and ended the day on a good 18th place among the U18 world championship’s field which consisted of 50 drivers. “Randy has shown a great performance throughout the weekend and would have been able to end up among the best if it hadn’t been for his technical difficulties. Unfortunately he didn’t have enough luck in the end,” team leader Martin Hetschel tried to console his junior driver.

The second driver, Lukas Korsch, entered new territory and wanted to finish his first international season on a positive note. But an engine damage during training cost him valuable time. Nonetheless, he managed to steadily increase his performance and temporarily achieved remarkable times. Similar to Berglas, Lukas had to deal with power fluctuations and engine problems and had to end his weekend by placing in midfield at the B-final.

This weekend has been a very special event for all of us. The track is very modern and the races in floodlight are very special. Unfortunately, our conclusion is still a negative one. The idea of equal opportunities at the U18 world championship is currently suffering due to the relatively high differences in quality of the unified engines. Additionally, the unified carburetor calibration complicated our work under these very different circumstances from 35°C in the afternoon to cool temperatures throughout the night,” said Martin Hetschel critically.

After this season highlight, the next challenge is already waiting for the chassis manufacturer. In a few days, the Rotax Max world final will start in Portugal, at which Mach1 Motorsport will be providing the uniformed chassis for the DD2 class for the first time.

Qualification for the final at the U18 World Championship

Randy Berglas at the U18 World ChampionshipThe CIK-FIA U18 World Championship started its 2012 season on the first weekend of July (6th – 8th of July) at Portuguese Braga. Among the 71 drivers from more than 30 nations were three drivers of the Mach1 Motorsport team. Swiss Randy Berglas ended up in the big finale.

The U18 World Championship is taking place for the third time for drivers between the ages of 15 and 18. Just like in the past years, the CIK-FIA attaches great importance to cost reduction and fair sport. The participants can choose their Chassis from 17 manufacturers and drive with uniform engines and tires. Mach 1 Motorsport team leader Martin Hetschel sees potential in this concept: “We’re also of the opinion that kart racing has become very expensive. The CIK-FIA had a good idea by introducing the concept in 2010 and the Championship can hardly be topped regarding internationality. Unfortunately the idea is becoming a little unhinged due to the acceptance of more and more manufacturers.”

From a sportive point of view, strong competition awaited the three drivers of the team. Among the 71 participants were the fastest drivers of the world and it was important to show a steady performance throughout the three racing days. Even though it didn’t look like it after qualifying, Swiss Randy Berglas managed to do this best of all in the end. On the drying track he had chosen the wrong tires during qualifying and came in last. During the Heats he then increased his performance maximally. Having started from 28th position each time, he finished the races on 11th, 13th, 14th and 18th positions and thus qualified for the finals on Sunday as the 32nd driver. During the first pre-final, bad luck caught up with him once again though. A technical difficulty forced him to make a pit stop and he was only able to finish the race with one whole lap behind the others. During the second race, in reversed starting order, he used his position in the second row and finished on the remarkable 4th position. That earned him the 18th starting position in the finale and he established himself in front midfield. He didn’t manage to see his performance through to the end though. An opponent collided with his kart and he had to end the race prematurely. “It was a sad ending for Randy of course. He had driven great races and done a really good job. I’m excited for the further course of the season, because a lot is still possible”, complimented Hetschel.

Germans Lukas Korsch and Chris Dahlmann also started in Mach1 karts. Both of them had only limited international experiences, but put up a brave fight nonetheless. Korsch was the 48th driver after qualifying and would have had a legitimate chance of entering the finals if it hadn’t been for two fallings out during the Heats. On Sunday morning he was the second best German and fought for Championship points during the B-finale. Unfortunately, he was involved in a collision right after the start and had to follow the field with a huge handicap. Still, he managed to gain a couple of positions and finished the weekend on 21st place.

Meanwhile, teammate Chris Dahlmann had lots of bad luck. Even though he finished 8th of his group during the first qualifying, he had difficulties with the performance of his lent engine during the Heats and missed reaching the finals. Team leader Martin Hetschel was still very content on Sunday: “If you take into account that Lukas has never driven abroad before and that Chris also has only very little experiences in this field, both of them did an excellent job. Especially in midfield you can’t always avoid collisions. They always managed to motivate themselves again though and Lukas was the second best German in the end.”


Be part of the U18 world karting championship with Mach1

CIK/FIA U18 WKCIncluding races in Portugal,France and Bahrain, the CIK-FIA U18 world championship promises suspenseful karting in 2012 once again. Mach1-Motorsport will be starting as well and is extending attractive offers to interested drivers.

Since its debut in 2010, the U18 world championship has been growing steadily and, next to the KF1 kart world championship, now belongs to the highest ratings in kart racing. The concept has not changed though. Once again, the participants are allowed to request their brand of choice from a chassispool of 18 manufacturers. In contrast, the engines and tires are uniform and will be allotted before every race.

Mach1-Kart has been part of the U18 world championship from the very first minute and has always been able to compete with the other strong international teams. Last year, they won second place at the finale in Italian Sarno and ended the year on the overall positions 12, 17 and 21. The Swabian manufactory has set even higher goals for this season. They were already able to achieve remarkable results at the Lonato Winter Cup  with their new model FIA9 2012 and are now ready for the start of the season in Braga, Portugal (July  6th-8th). “The U18 world championship has assured us during the last two years. There is an incredible power density due to the allotment of the uniform engines and tires. We have definitely been able to satisfy with our chassis and to present ourselves well on the international market”, says team leader Martin Hetschel during a conversation.

Interested drivers can still enter the world championship until March, 30th or until 102 entries have been reached. Mach1-Kart is extending an attractive overall offer and is looking forward to test requests. “The drivers have the possibility of buying or renting the chassis and will furthermore be supported by a first-class technical service on location.”

In addition to the first race of the season in Portugal, the world championship will also take place in Angerville (France) and the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is planned that the CIK will cover the transport costs and air ticket for each pilot to the final race inBahrain.

Overview of dates:
July 6th-8th-Braga(Portugal)
August 24th-26th – Angerville (France)
November 8th – November 10th –Bahrain(Kingdom of Bahrain)

Mach1 FIA9-2012Specs of Mach1 FIA9 2012:
tubing:  ø30mm
wheel base: 1048mm
Sniper Adjuster on front axle
front and rear torsion bars
stub axle with bolts ø25mm
HRP EvoX braking system
rims DWT VLV 132/212
Tillett T12 seat
KG FP7/CIK17 bodywork

Mach1 Motorsport makes it onto world championship podium

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Martin Mortensen with Mach1 Kart at the U18 WM
Martin Mortensen U18 WM

The Mach1 Kart factory team experienced a perfect season ending at the U18 world championship finale in Italian Sarno. The team proved their fighting spirit on the 1700m track and was finally rewarded by gaining the great 2nd place.

Three of their drivers started on the challenging race course inItaly: Danes Martin Mortensen and Yannick Flygenring as well as the only German, Lukas Speck. The weather provided additional suspense. Heavy rain and tornado-like gusts of wind demanded a great deal of the participants on Sunday morning.

Martin Mortensen was the most successful driver, even though it was not clear whether or not he would start at all for quite a while. During free training on Friday, the youngster had a bad accident and was only cleared for starting by the race physician after warm up on Saturday morning. With a newly built Mach1-chassis he gathered momentum again right from the start and placed 24th during qualifying. He managed to validate his great performance during the Heats. He did the best performance possible on Saturday, by twice coming in 9th and once coming in 4th. He then suffered a minor setback on Sunday. Martin lost his rear axle’s ID-tag and his performance was not counted during the last run. Despite this flop he still managed to move to the finale on the 30th position in the end.

He did everything right during the pre-finals then. From 30th starting position, he fought his way through the top-class field and was able to land on 15th position. He managed to up the ante during the second pre-finale. This time the starting order was reversed and after starting from 5th position, he gained two more positions and after adding up the points, he ended up on the overall 7th place. During the finale, there was no holding back anymore. Martin went all the way and left one opponent after the other behind him. After 18 laps he crossed the finish line on the sensational 2nd place and revealed that maybe more would have been possible: “I’m very happy, the chassis worked perfectly and I was able to drive great times. If the race had gone on a couple of more laps, victory would have been possible.”

His teammates on the other hand had some bad luck. Qualifying did not go very well for Flygenring and he was not able to live up to his last weekends’ performances during the Heats as well. Always placing in midfield, the Dane was not able to enter the finals and was only allowed to race in the B-finale, during which he showed his skills and tried to fight his way forward with a number of duels. In the end he contentedly came in 11th.

The only German in the field, Lukas Speck, struggled with the performance of his power engine for quite some time. After a disappointing 21st place at qualifying and 10th and 17th places during the first Heats, the CIK-FIA responsible persons showed consideration. Lukas received a new engine and promptly came in 5th, landing in the top group. Thus he started on Sunday respectively hopeful. However, due to the heavy rain during the last Heat he was the victim of a collision and missed entrance to the big finale for the first time this year. Unfortunately, the mixed course of the weekend continued during the B-finale. Starting from 3rd position he had to forfeit the race after the first lap. The kart was uncontrollable due to the effects of the collision.

Despite Speck’s and Flygenring’s disappointments, the happiness about placing on the podium prevailed for team leader Martin Hetschel in the evening: “It was an incredible weekend with lots of ups and downs. Yannick and Lukas unfortunately had some bad luck and things did not go too well for Martin in the beginning either. But we never gave up and were able to prove the possibilities of our chassis through the final result. I want to say a huge thank you to the entire team for their great work throughout the year.”

Mach1 Motorsport junior Randy Berglas did a good job as well. The reigning Swiss Rotax Junior Champion started at the Academy Trophy and kept up with the frontrunners during the finale, coming in 8th. After this outstanding result, the young Swiss has now set himself big goals for 2012: “I’m happy about the season closure and am looking forward to next year. I will then start in the U18 world championship with Mach1 and am very optimistic regarding my chances with this great chassis.”

Mach1 Kart achieves great results in U18 championship again

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Martin Henchel Mortensen at the U18 Worldchampionship
Martin Henchel Mortensen

To attend the CIK-FIA U18 championship halftime, the Mach1 Motorsport team travelled toEssay,France. The four drivers of the chassis manufacturer showed a remarkable performance on theNormandytrack and placed within the top ten drivers of the world.

Consisting of long linear slopes, fast turns and narrow passages, the 1.220m track offered all aspects of a modern construction and required utmost concentration on the drivers’ sides. Additionally, low road grip and occasional rain led to difficult circumstances. The Mach1 quartet had no difficulties though and already belonged to the best in the field of 70 drivers during Friday morning’s free trainings.

In the end, Martin Mortensen turned out to be the fastest driver of the weekend. During qualifying, the young Dane placed the great seventh position and was also able to drive in the front fields of all four Heats, resulting in the ninth starting position of the first pre-final. In this, he drove in the top field right from the beginning.  He got slowed down due to numerous duels though and finally came in 9th again. As usual, the second pre-final started in reversed order. Now at the back of the field, Martin was able to gain a couple of positions during the first laps and made his way to 11th position. A racing collision caused him to drive off the track momentarily though and resulted in the 25th place when the checkered flag came down. For this reason, the up and coming talent started from the 17th position in the finals. He showed his best side again during the 19 laps and fought his way to the 10th position in a focused and faultless race. This made him the best placed Danish driver of the U18 championship in the end.

Lucas Speck at the U18 World Championship
Lucas Speck

The only German driver of the championship, Lukas Speck, experienced a weekend of ups and downs. He got slowed down again and again due to numerous engine problems. Nonetheless, he did not give up and was able to satisfy in the end. Qualifying began with a setback though. The electric start of his CIK-FIA unified motor quit his service and Lukas was only able to drive three fast laps. This resulted in the mere 51st place, making him start the Heats from a really bad position. Due to four solid races and great catch-up races, the Rhinelander was able to limit the damage and accomplished to qualify for the finals, coming in 29th. Prior to the start of the first pre-final, Lukas criticized the power of his engine though and thus didn’t think he had good chances of improving his performance. Additionally, the starter caused problems again and Lukas had to race after the other drivers with half a lap deficit. Despite the lacking performance of his engine, he was able to close the gap on his competition and came in 25th. For the second pre-final, he received a CIK-FIA substitute engine and started the race highly motivated. A collision at the start caused a flat tire though and Lukas had to prematurely forfeit. He had to start the final race from the 30th position due to these prior bad results. This time everything went well though and he was able to show his potential by coming in 14th.

Jannick Flygenring at the U18 World Championship
Jannick Flygenring

After his great performance at the kick-off event in Italy, the other Dane, Jannick Flygenring, wasn’t really able to gather momentum this time and after rather difficult Heats only managed to qualify as 34th driver for the final phase. Even additional changes to the engine setup did not lead to the hoped for improvement and during the first pre-final he even had to prematurely forfeit the race due to a technical defect. The second pre-final brought a trend reversal though. Starting from pole position he had to let a couple of drivers pass him by, but was able to collect solid points coming in 6th and secured 19th starting position for the final race. During this, he also had to quarrel with the power of his engine and was curiously half a second slower than his teammates throughout the entire final. A catch-up race was therefore quite difficult and Jannick only came in 21st.

Nicolai Nielsen at the U18 World Championship
Nicolai Nielsen

The youngest of the Mach1 quartet, Nicolai Nielsen, managed to achieve the promising 31st place during qualifying. However, numerous racing accidents and a dropout during the Heats caused him to just barely miss the finals and he was only allowed to start in the “small finals”. During these he was at least able to gain important racing experiences and managed to fight his way up to 21st position.

Team leader Martin Hetschel was pleased with his protégés’ performances and was in good spirits on Sunday evening: “We’ve once again proven the potential of our chassis on a difficult track and during challenging circumstances. Unfortunately, the quality of our unified engines was very low. Huge performance differences and technical difficulties led to misaligned results in the end. Apart from that we’ve once again experienced a great racing weekend and are now looking forward to the finale.”

This will take place on the first weekend of November inSarno,Italy. After the cancellation of the race inBahrainthe CIK-FIA presented the high-speed track inItalyas their alternative venue last week.


Mach1 Kart „on the top“ in the U18 World Championship

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Mach1 Kart bei der CIK-FIA U18 Weltmeisterschaft
Mach1 Fahrer at the CIK-FIA U18 World Championship

Last weekend Mach1 Kart started as one of 15 chassis manufactures at the CIK-FIA U18 Karting World Championship in Ortona (Italy). In exciting races the four drivers could impress und two of them finished the finals into the top-ten.

“A great weekend”, says Mach1 Motorsport team boss Martin Hetschel. Even in the free practice sessions on Friday the four pilots, Lucas Speck from Germany and the Danes Nicolai Nielsen, Martin Mortensen, and Jannick Flygenring, were very fast with their FIA9 chassis. In the qualifying the quartet confirms his performance. Fastest guy was Lucas Speck on position four with a gap of two tenth to the pole position only. Nicolai Nielsen followed directly behind Speck on rank fifth ahead of Martin Mortensen on position 13. Bad luck had Jannick Flygenring, carburettor problems stopped him and he was only 43rd.

In the following four heats it was very important to finish the races without any big mistakes, because only the best 34 of the 80th participants were qualified for the finals. The best races showed Lucas Speck, the German wins two heats and ranked at the end on place eight for the first pre-final race. The second best pilot was Nicolai Nielsen as 22nd before Fygenring and Mortensen at the positions 29 and 30. Martin Hetschel was very happy after the races. “You can’t present your products better.”

The two pre-final races were very spectacular. The first round started with the normal grid and the second in opposite. Martin Mortensen showed the best show and was eight before Flygenring on eleven, Speck on 13 and Nicolai Nielsen in Position 27th. For the German Lucas Speck the races were very difficult. He had problems with his engine and couldn’t attack full.

After the great show in den two pre-finals the four Mach1 guys were counted to the favourites. Martin Mortensen was third for a short time. But one participant dropped him out and he must finished the race. Flygenring and Speck had however a flawless race and taken a great fifth and eight place. For Nielsen it was hard to fight from starting position 27 through the field. After 19 rounds he reached the finish line on rank 18.

Team boss Martin Hetschel was very excited at Sunday night. “All in all I am very satisfied with the results. Two drivers in the top ten of the world championship standings and all Mach1 Kart pilots are qualified for the final, that’s fantastic. Now we look forward to the next round in late August in France. ”


Mach1 Kart: ADAC Kart Masters half-time champion

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Luca Walter beim ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 KartAfter the third race weekend of the ADAC Kart Masters in Ampfing Mach1 Kart Pilot Luca Walter leads furthermore the championship in the class IAME X30 junior. The other four pilots had a weekend with ups and downs.

After his success in Liedolsheim, Luca Walter was also very fast in Ampfing (Bavarian). In the first race of the IAME X30 junior class the drivers had very difficult track conditions. Luca showed a great performance and scored his second win. In the second round he was again quickly and finished on the second place. With these great results Luca got important points and lead the championship. Mach1 Motorsport team boss Martin Hetschel was happy with this success. “Luca drove two great races and showed that you can win with a Mach1 Kart on dry and wet conditions.”

Lucas Speck beim ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 KartBad luck had the other drivers in KF3 and KF2. The KF3 driver Mario Abbate had a great season start in Oschersleben and Liedolsheim. But in Ampfing he retired in one heat and lost the qualification for the final races. The two KF2 pilots Lucas Speck and John Norris had a disappointed weekend too. The guys were very fast in the qualifying but had misfortune in den races. Speck was in his first heat sixth, but had an engine failure in the second run and was at the end only 20th.



John Norris bei den ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 Kart Team made John Norris from Ireland had electronics problems on Saturday and managed the qualification as 32nd after the heats. In the final races on Sunday, Norris had a great comeback and overtook more than 20 drivers. But in the finish he got a penalty and dropped down to place 19. In the second race he had a crash in the midfield and retired early. Lucas Speck had a similar situation. After a failure in race one, he drove very fast times in round two and stepped up to rank 20.

With Loris Prattes the team collected first experience in the Bambini class. At Sunday midday he arrived the finish line in each race and was placed in the midfield.

“This weekend, we can not be satisfied. Our drivers were very fast but had many problems and couldn’t show their full performance.” Martin Hetschel frustrated.

Mario Abbate bei den ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 Kart Loris Prattes bei den ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 Kart

The next race for the German chassis manufacture is the start of the CIK-FIA U18 World Championship in Ortona (Italy). Mach1 Motorsport starts there with four drivers.


Mach1 Kart nimmt erneut an der CIK-FIA U18 WM teil!

Die CIK-FIA U18 Weltmeisterschaft geht in die zweite Runde. Auch in 2011 setzt die CIK wieder auf ihr bewährtes Konzept: Jugend, Bildung und Zugänglichkeit. So wird auf dem Motoren- und Reifensektor Einheitsmaterial eingesetzt, wodurch eine Preisschlacht unterbunden wird und darüber hinaus eine höhere Chancengleichheit besteht. Motoren und Reifen werden den Teilnehmern kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt!

Im Bezug auf Chassis lässt die CIK-FIA Raum für Wettbewerb. Dabei gibt es aber strenge Vorgaben, so dürfen die Chassis nicht über eine Vorderradbremse verfügen und es werden nur Anbauteile, welche durch die CIK-FIA gekennzeichnet wurden und eine Kostenkontrolle garantieren, zugelassen.

Für alle Interessierten steht auf der CIK-FIA Internetseite (http://www.cikfia.com/) bis zum 15. Mai (verlängerter Einschreibetermin) die Einschreibung zur U18 WM bereit. Die Starterzahl ist weltweit auf 102 begrenzt und wird nach der Reihenfolge der Anmeldung limitiert. Laut Aussagen der CIK sind derzeit schon über 80 Fahrer eingeschrieben!

Mach1 Kart hat das bewährte FIA9-2011 chassis registriert, welches zum Preis von 2936 € (+ Mehrwertsteuer) gekauft werden kann und zum offiziellen Testtag am 3. Juni in Jesolo (IT) ausgeliefert wird. Alternativ bietet Mach1 auch Karts auf Mietbasis an – interessierte Fahrer können die genauen Konditionen telefonisch (+49 7135 9849-0) oder per E-Mail (info [at] mach1kart [dot] de) erfragen.


  • 08.-10.07.2011 – Ortona (Italien)
  • 26.-28.08.2011 – Essay (Frankreich)
  • 03.-05.11.2011 – Bahrain (Bahrain) (Die CIK übernimmt die Transportkosten für das Material)

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Bilder der U18 WM Testtag 2011: