The most successful drivers: Cedric Piro and John Norris

Mach1 Kart fights for DKM victory in Wackersdorf

The most successful drivers: Cedric Piro and John NorrisThe Mach1 Motorsport team was able to impress in two different classes at the second event of the German Kart Championship at the Prokart Raceland Wackersdorf last weekend. Due to John Norris and Cedric Piro, the team fought for the overall victories in two different classes.

“I’m very content”, beamed team leader Martin Hetschel on Sunday evening. He had every reason to be, seeing as his drivers had shown great performances throughout the weekend.

Cedric Piro started in the junior class once again. TheSaarlandcitizen immediately tied in with his performance at the previous DMV race and secured the great tenth place during qualifying. He was then able to increase his performance even more during the Heats. Having reached places four and one, he was on pole position at the first final race on Sunday morning. “The Chassis worked really well under these hot temperatures and I’m happy about my great starting position”, said Cedric confidently in the evening. During the finals, he was able to confirm his performance of the previous day and came in second and fifth in the end. The youngster thus managed to reach the trophy ranks in both races and jumped to the eighth place of the overall list of rankings.

Irish John Norris got in on the Top Five at the German Kart Championship as well. Remarkably coming in third during qualifying, he emerged victorious from one of the Heats. Due to a second place and a falling out, he qualified for the final races as the 12th driver on Saturday evening. During the first race he reached deeply into his bag of tricks. Due to the fastest lap he leapt forward and was on the winners’ podium once again, on 3rd place. The second race started even more promising. John started perfectly and led the strong field, consisting of 34 drivers, over several laps. In the end he lost a couple of places though and came in fourth. In the overall ranking he is now on third place and was very content with the final rehearsal for the European Championship: “We were very competitive during all sessions and now I’m very excited for the European Championship taking place in two weeks in Wackersdorf as well.”

Next to Norris, Lucas Speck stood serious chance of a front placement as well. The Rhinelander did not have luck on his side during the races though.  He had a falling out during a Heat and thus slid to the repechage. He finished this on fourth place and managed to deservingly enter the finals anyway. He then proved his fighting spirit once again. Lucas pushed forward and gained further championship points, coming in 13th and 16th. Lisa-Christin Brunner completed the trio by starting in the races. But the likeable driver could not manage to shake her bad luck in theUpper Palatinateonce again. Two falling outs during the Heats left her far behind. She gave it her all in the repechage then, but despite a great race to catch up and the 18th place, she missed the final qualification in the end.

Shifter kart driver Toni Greif used this race as preparation for the upcoming European Championship. Strong competition consisting of 65 drivers, Kart-World- and European-Champions among them, awaited the youngster. He showed a remarkable performance during the Heats, coming in 17th twice. Unfortunately, a falling out during the third round cost him the direct qualification. Things heated up during the repechage then. 34 drivers hoped for their chances. Toni had a really good start, but a falling out during the seventh lap destroyed all of his hopes.

Martin Hetschel praised the performances of his five drivers on Sunday evening: “These were not easy conditions. The best European drivers started in the fields, we put up a good fight and our Chassis has been able to impress once again. We will continue to work hard until the European Championship and maybe we will be able to provide a German surprise in the end.”

Beforehand, the team has to compete in the ADAC Kart Masters though. Next weekend, the third race of the season will take place on the Erftlandring in Kerpen.


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