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Mach1 Motorsport on the Shifter podium again

German chassis manufacturer Mach1 kart belonged to the strongest teams at the German Kart Championship in Kerpen as well. Factory driver John Norris ended up on the podium once again and is currently on the fourth place of the overall list of rankings at the Shifterkart Championship.

After the finale of the European Kart Championship in England, Mach1 Motorsport directly travelled to Kerpen. John Norris and Harrison Newey started at the fourth event of the German Kart Championship on the 1.107m long track.

Everything didn’t go according to plan during shifterkart qualifying though – John Norris only ended up on 15th place. The Irishman fought his way forward during the heats though. By achieving a twelfth and a seventh place he was able to start into the first final race from 11th position. The racing conditions on Sunday couldn’t have been any better. In bright sunshine and with a high grip level, the numerous spectators were able to watch a great performance by John Norris. Due to a perfect start he was able to improve his performance during the first few meters already and got into some hard fights among the top-class field. During the last lap he was able to stand up to his opponents and came in on the great second place.

“I’m very happy that we are at the front again after Oschersleben”, rejoiced team leader Martin Hetschel. John was able to keep close to the leading drivers during the second race as well and collected important Championship points by coming in fourth. Unfortunately bad news from the racing administration caused the disapproval of the Mach1 Motorsport team. After the award ceremony, John received a ten-seconds-penalty and was thereby only ranked 12th. “I don’t know what to say right now. Race control is a great tool for the commissars; unfortunately it is often used in a wrong way. We can’t understand this penalty”, Martin Hetschel explained in the evening. On the overall list of rankings John is still on the promising fourth place, despite the lost points.

Brit Harrison Newey fought against the international competition at the DKM and showed a strong performance throughout the course of the weekend. During qualifying he was on sixth place of his group and was less than a tenth of a second behind the driver on third place – a perfect starting position for the following heats. During two great runs, he fought his way forward and finished on seventh and eighth places. After summation of the races he was on the great tenth place of the overall list of rankings on Saturday evening.

During the first final race he had some issues with his tires though and only came in 16th. During the second final he continuously fought his way forward and had already entered the top ten. Due to a slight slip-up he lost some ground though and came in 15th. “Harrison did a great job during the races and is getting along greatly, which is nice to see and which confirms our hard work”, team leader Martin Hetschel praised his rookie.

In three weeks the team is going to travel to the big finale of the DKM in Genk. A week before that the finale of the ADAC Kart Masters is going to take place in Wackersdorf. Mach1 drivers still have chances of winning the title there as well.

Mach1 Kart: As swift as an arrow at the KF EM finale in England

Mach1 Motorsport and their drivers John Norris and Harrison Newey met the world elite of kart racing at the finale of the CIK-FIA KF European Championship in England. The duo knew how to impress with their great performances, even under very alternating weather conditions. The German chassis manufacturer is very well prepared for the second half of the season.

While Mach1 and John Norris are a constant at the European shifterkart Championship and just barely missed winning in Wackersdorf, coming in second, the team now took a side trip to the finale of the KF European Championship on the PFi International Circuit in Brandon. Due to fast bends, two chicanes and a tunnel as well as a bridge, the 1.382m long track held some special challenges for the drivers.”The setup of the chassis is especially important to gain enough speed on the long straight passages”, said team leader Martin Hetschel.

Under alternating conditions, the Thursday was used to break in the engines. Things got serious on Friday then. The duo was able to get used to the track until qualifying and impressed early due to quick lap times. But right on time for qualifying rain set in and turned the whole morning’s work upside down. Harrison Newey didn’t catch a perfect lap and only ranked 40th in the end. Things went considerably better for his team mate from Ireland. Also on the wet track for the first time, John ended up on the impressive fifth starting position. “Unfortunately I had to overtake someone during my fastest lap, otherwise I probably could have been even faster”, he commented on qualifying. “But considering the fact that I’m on the track with Dunlop rain tires for the first time, I’m very content”, continued Norris.

On Saturday the four heats took place. John knew how to use his perfect starting position and already impressed everyone during the first heat by driving the fastest lap. Unfortunately an engine problem and a racing accident that wasn’t his fault cost him important positions as well. “If these annoying incidents hadn’t happened, we surely would have been able to qualify for the pre-finale among the top ten. It’s still a top performance considering that I’m in a KF kart for the first time since the DKM finale in Genk”, said John on Saturday evening.

It was a lot harder for his team mate due to his bad starting position. He had to fight his way forward from the back of the field during all four heats. Due to a falling out during the last heat he was on the overall 40th position in the evening and had to enter the repechage from 12th place.

Both drivers started into the racing day highly motivated on Sunday. While John had already qualified for the finals, Harrison still had to fight for his final ticket during the repechage. Due to the high power density he wasn’t able to enter the final races in the end though. “That’s extremely unfortunate, because with my repechage’s lap times I would have been able to drive among the top five at the pre-finale and final races”, said Harrison.

John improved his performance during the pre-finale and gained six positions, coming in on the great 12th place. Regarding the finale, the Irishman had set himself the goal of ending up among the top ten. At the finale, the race was over after just four laps though. John was ungently pushed into the off and had to end the race prematurely. “Continuing the race in this kart was not possible”, said John.

“I’m still very content with our drivers’ performances and also with our material. Considering the facts that we used the Dunlop tires for the first time and weren’t able to use the test days like the big teams due to problems with the dates, we’ve impressively proven what’s possible. I’m sure we’ll be able to show this again at the DKM in Kerpen next weekend.”

Mach1 Motorsport celebrates first DSKM victory

The third racing weekend of the German Kart Championship could hardly have gone any better for Mach1 Motorsport. The factory team of the German chassis manufacturer Mach1 Kart celebrated its first victory at the shifterkarts at the highest German kart racing grade series and belongs to the title favorites now.

The fifth and sixth ranked races of the German Kart Championship took place at the etropolis Motorsport Arena Oschersleben. The Mach1 Motorsport team started with four drivers and showed a strong performance.

After his second place at the European Championship in Wackersdorf, John Norris belonged to the top shifterkart drivers once again. The field was strongly manned again – numerous European and World Champions were at the start. John Norris wasn’t impressed by this though. Due to a perfectly balanced chassis he set the speed of the field consisting of 43 drivers on Saturday. The Irishman drove the best time during qualifying and also won both heats. “There’s no reason to complain today. John has shown a strong performance and confirms the hard work of the past weeks”, Martin Hetschel explained in the evening.

During the first final race on Sunday there was no way of getting past Norris as well. Due to a perfect start he was able to keep his top-class opponents at bay and secured his first victory at the DSKM. “I’m very happy about my victory. The second final race is not going to be easy though. I’ve already started with new tires and am going to have a slight disadvantage now”, explained Norris and was proved correct. During the course of the first four laps he had a hard time keeping up with his opponents’ speed, then the proportions evened out again though and John was able to gain some more positions. Coming in sixth he just barely missed entering the cup ranks. At the Championship he gained a lot of ground and is currently on second place.

As second driver, Marcel Schultheiß was back in kart racing. He started again after a racing pause and was able to impress from the beginning. On 19th place after qualifying and the heats he managed to enter the final races directly and drove in the front midfield during the first race. Unfortunately an engine defect caused him to forfeit the race prematurely. From the end of the field, Marcel pushed his Mach1 kart to the limit during the second final race and drove his way forward to seventeenth position. “Marcel’s break wasn’t recognizable, he drove in midfield right from the start and drove really competitive times”, Martin Hetschel praised the shifterkart rookie.

The team had less reason to rejoice at the DKM. Manuel Valier and Harrison Newey were slowed down temporarily during the final races and didn’t achieve entering the top ten. “We’ll now have to analyze the situation. Harrison did really well during the heats and would have been able to achieve points at the finals. The fights in midfield cost valuable time though. On 15th and 17th places after the second final race, we did not achieve our goals”, Martin Hetschel explained in the evening. Despite the slightly low yield, Manuel Valier is still close to the top in the Championship and currently on fifth place.

The team is going to travel to Oschersleben again in three weeks. The ADAC Kart Masters is going to take place there with the fourth event of the season. Before that, Mach1 Motorsport is going to travel to England first, where Harrison Newey and John Norris are planning guest starts at the finale of the CIK-FIA KF European Championship.


Mach1 Kart finishes European Championship among the top ten

Even though the finale of the CIK-FIA KZ2 European Championship in Sweden didn’t go according to Mach1 Kart’s expectations, the chassis manufacturer was content in the end. By achieving ninth place on the overall list of rankings, they proved the potential of a Mach1 chassis.

More than 80 drivers started at the three racing weekends of the CIK-FIA KZ2 European Championship in Genk, Wackersdorf and Kristianstad. After two great events, Mach1 Motorsport and John Norris travelled to the big finale in Sweden confidently. Having achieved second place in Wackersdorf, the team also wanted to show a great performance on the Asum Ring in Kristianstad.

The team had problems with the new track and the mandated Bridgestone tires though. “We couldn’t find a fitting setup”, explained team leader Martin Hetschel. The Irishman was able to continuously improve his performance up to qualifying though and secured the overall 19th position. Things didn’t go so smoothly during the heats though. Rapidly decreasing tires caused John to slow down. By achieving ninth, eleventh, twelfth and 13th positions he had still been able to fight his way forward though. Unfortunately, he lost his ninth place due to an exclusion from the ranking and therefore had to enter the repechage. “Unfortunately the team has made a mistake here, now we’ll have to fully attack during the repechage”, said Martin Hetschel in the evening.

With new tires, John had his first good performance of the weekend and drove the times of the best five drivers. From 13th starting position, he fought his way forward to seventh place

and just barely missed entering the final at the finish line due to three tenth of seconds. “Of course we’re disappointed. After the second place in Wackersdorf we had high expectations. Somehow it wasn’t meant to be this time”, Hetschel summed up in the evening.

The German chassis manufacturer wasn’t discontent with the course of the European Championship though. “We’re on the great ninth place on the overall list of rankings, which is the best result in a couple of years. We were able to show the strengths of our racing materials under diverse conditions.”

John Norris will now start at the German Shifterkart Championship, which is going to take place from August 16th-17th at the etropolis Motorsport Arena Oschersleben.

Mach1 Motorsport: Successful races in Wackersdorf

Mach1 Motorsport was able to travel home from Wackersdorf in a good mood. Among a record field of participants of the German Kart Championship the drivers held their ground on the front positions and highlighted the possibilities of a Mach1-chassis.

The German Kart Championship’s three grade series have never been so filled up before. All in all, 171 drivers started. The shifterkarts were the strongest force: A few weeks before the European Championship in Wackersdorf, numerous top drivers used these races as preparation. Among the 72 participants was Mach1 factory driver John Norris. After his amazing catching-up race in Genk, he was able to impress in Wackersdorf as well. After achieving 19th place at qualifying, he finished his four heats on the fifth, fifth, seventh and eleventh places. That put him on the great twelfth starting position for the first finale. “John has shown a great performance today. We’ve come out of all the four heats without any damages and are really close to the top ten. This is a great result considering the field of participants”, said Martin Hetschel on Saturday evening.

While the sun was shining until Saturday afternoon, only a little later rain and cold temperatures were the dominating factors of the event. John was comfortable with these difficult conditions and was able to improve his performance up to seventh place during the first final race. He then had some bad luck during the second race. Due to a turn during the starting phase of the race he fell back considerably, fought his way back again though and came in 20th. On the Championship list of rankings he is currently on 10th place right before summer break. “I’m very content with today. With this amount of rain, anything can happen on the track. Our chassis worked great under dry as well as wet conditions”, Martin Hetschel commented on the racing events.

Meanwhile, Manuel Valier, Harrison Newey and Julian Müller started at the German Kart Championship with Mach1 Motorsport. Just like in Ampfing, Valier belonged to the title favorites and was on the promising sixth place after the heats. He wasn’t able to keep that close to the leading field during the first final race though. The second race went similarly and he finished on 9th place in the heavy rain this time.

DKM-rookie Harrison Newey is gaining more and more momentum in the new class and already left his mark during the first heat by coming in twelfth. The finals didn’t go without problems then though. After achieving 21st place at the first race he unfortunately had to forfeit the second prematurely. The third driver, Julian Müller, had to deal with a falling out at one of the heats and had to enter the repechage due to this. He finished this on third place and was therefore able to enter the final races. Unfortunately he also had a falling out at the first final race. The second went perfectly then: During the course of the 21 laps, he was able to improve his position to the great 14th place.

“The DKM races were full of ups and downs. Manuel was able to tie in with his great performance in Ampfing and is still very close to the top of the list, currently on fifth place. Harrison and Julian continue to learn a lot. At the finals, both of them have shown great performances among this strong field. Julian’s catching-up race was especially impressive”, Hetschel praised in the evening.

Lucas Speck started with a Mach1-chassis as well. The ADAC Champion of 2012 started at the DKM under the name LS-Kart and was comfortable in the rain. Speck finished both finals on the great third place and was able to improve his position on the overall list of rankings to seventh place.

The team is going to start in Wackersdorf again in two weeks. Then, John Norris is going to start at the second event of the CIK-FIA KZ2 European Championship.

Strong catching-up race of Mach1-Kart and John Norris

Last weekend, German chassis manufacturer Mach1-Kart went up against the strong competition at the CIK-FIA KZ2 European Championship on the Hogensbergdam Circuit in Genk. The team experienced an emotional roller-coaster ride, was then rewarded with a great result during the finale though.

Counting 79 drivers from 23 nations, strong competition awaited the Mach1 Motorsport team. After recent great successes at the KF classes, the manufacturer now wants to convince at the shifterkarts as well. Factory driver John Norris started at the event and already gave reason for an all-around good mood in the team’s tent after the free trainings. “We’re currently among the top ten. Looking at the field of participants, this is a great result”, said team leader Martin Hetschel confidently.

Qualifying provided a similar picture: John Norris secured the eleventh starting position and raised hopes for a successful racing course. From one of the front rows, he achieved a good start into the first of four heats and came in fourth. “Up until now, we can be very content. The chassis is working perfectly and John is showing us a strong performance”, Martin Hetschel summed up the events.

But from the second heat on, the team had to deal with a number of setbacks. Due to engine defects, Norris had to forfeit races twice while being among the top five and during the last heat, a turbulent development of the race cost him a front position in the end. The Irishman was only on the 49th place of the overall list of rankings on Saturday evening. “How much bad luck can someone have?”, Martin Hetschel asked himself in the evening.

Despite the bad starting position, the team stayed competitive and John Norris showed an incredible catching-up race during the pre-finale. From 25th starting position, he fought his way past his opponents lap after lap and finished on the impressive 12th place. Thereby he achieved entering the big finale and also made his team leader very happy: “What a race! John showed great catching-up maneuvers and really fought his way forward impressively.”

The Irish driver then showed a masterpiece race during the 23 laps of the finale. Due to a perfect start he came out of the first lap looking great and was unstoppable then. In his Mach1 kart he flew through the field and came in 12th again. In addition to the audience’s huge applause, he was also able to gain his first Championship points. “This was a sensational day for us. Not everyone can drive from 49th to 12th position. Not to forget that we went up against the world’s best KZ2 drivers. Our chassis worked perfectly with various grip rates and surely was a key to success”, Hetschel said happily before his trip home.

The next challenge is already waiting for the team next weekend. The second race of the season of the ADAC Kart Masters is going to take place in Bavarian Ampfing.

Mach1 Motorsport: Fast but without luck

Last weekend, the ADAC Kart Masters’ kick-off took place on the Hunsrückring/Hahn. Mach1 Motorsport sent five drivers into the race and showed strong performances. Unfortunately lots of bad racing luck cost them a countable result.

German chassis manufacturer Mach1 Kart travelled to the first of five events of the ADAC Kart Masters with high hopes – drivers of the factory team started in four different classes. At the KF junior class, Sophia Floersch celebrated her debut with Mach1 Motorsport. The fast ADAC Sports Foundation’s supported driver had to get used to the new chassis in the beginning. During the course of the trainings and heats, she became faster all the time and was aiming for the top ten on 14th place on Saturday evening. Unfortunately, her plan was stopped due to a falling out during the first final race. From the back of the field she was able to fight her way forward again during the second race though and ended up on the great 11th place. “We’ve shown our possibilities during the final races. Sophia got used to the new chassis quickly and was really fast. We will continue to work hard until Ampfing and then even more should be possible”, team leader Martin Hetschel said fiercely.

Philipp Heim showed a consistently strong performance at the X30 juniors. 37 youngsters started, of which only the best 34 would enter the finals in the end. Qualifying for the final races was no problem for Philipp. He was on 22nd starting position for the first final race and finished the races on 18th and 19th places.

Marco Forrer broke new ground: the Swiss started at the shifterkarts for the first time and faced a difficult task. Counting 50 drivers, the field was strongly manned. After a great qualifying and two thrilling heats, he achieved entering the finals and was able to improve his performance considerably. Coming in 20th and 16th, he was able to keep up with the front midfield and once again proved the high competitiveness of the Mach1 shifterkart chassis.

Julian Müller belonged to the favorites at the X30 seniors. Ending up on 6th place, the Cologne resident had a good starting position after qualifying and was able to tie in with this performance by achieving 6th place during the first heat. He then had some bad luck during the second. During the turbulent starting phase, he fell back considerably and only came in 22nd. This put him on 19th place on the overall list of rankings. Things didn’t get better during the first final race then. Once again, he was pushed off the track during the last lap and only came in 29th. Everything went smoothly during the last race of the weekend though. From the back of the field, Müller fought his way forward and was even able to collect some Championship points by coming in 12th. As second driver, Luca Walter got back into kart racing. The 2011 X30 junior Champion now started at the seniors and had to find his way back first. In the end, he came in 27th and 28th.

Even though the end results were quite sobering, Martin Hetschel still saw the positive side of the weekend: “Surely all of us had expected bigger successes. All in all it’s still looking good though. Our chassis’ performance is right and with a little bit more luck we could have landed on the podium.”

Mach1 Motorsport’s next chance is going to present itself on June 21st/22nd. The second event of the ADAC Kart Masters is going to take place in Bavarian Ampfing then.


Mach1 Motorsport: DKM victory in Ampfing

It could have been a very successful DKM kick-off for Mach1 Motorsport. In Bavarian Ampfing, the drivers belonged to the best and Manuel Valier secured a victory during the first DKM-race. Unfortunately the final races turned into a disaster then.

136 drivers from more than 20 nations had travelled to the first event of the German Kart Championship on the 1.060m long Schweppermannring in Ampfing. Four drivers came from the German chassis manufacturer’s team Mach1 Motorsport. Manuel Valier, Julian Müller and British Harrison Newey competed at the DKM.

The mood was still a little cautious after qualifying. The duel within the team was won by Valier who came in 11th. The Munich resident then considerably increased his performance during the heats. Coming in eighth and fifth, he was able to improve his performance on the wet track to the overall fourth position and was unstoppable during the first race. He fought his way past his strong opponents during a fierce starting phase and secured the kick-off victory. “Wow, Manuel’s race was incredible”, rejoiced team leader Martin Hetschel.

Everything looked like it was going to be repeated during the second race. Valier had a considerable advance up to two laps before the end of the race. But then everything came to a sudden end – Manuel lost his left back wheel and had to forfeit the race. “Nobody deserves something like this. The nuts just loosened. We’re now going to have to identify the problem. A double victory at the beginning of the season would have just been too good to be true”, said Martin Hetschel in the evening.

Harrison Newey crossed the finish line twice. The Brit is driving his first year in the KF class and had a slight backlog in the beginning. He was able to close the gap to the front field though and came in eighth. A ten seconds penalty threw him back to 18th place though. He made up for his lost positions during the second race then and came in 10th. The third driver, Julian Müller, experienced a difficult start into the first final. He had to forfeit the race prematurely due to an accident. Everything went smoothly during the second race though and he improved his performance to 26th place. Martin Hetschel praised both drivers: “Harrison and Julian have continuously improved their performances throughout the course of these three racing days. The competition is really strong this year.”

Irish John Norris broke new ground. He started at the German Shifterkart Championship for the first time and had to compete against a challenging field of participants – 63 drivers started in Ampfing. John already proved during qualifying that he is a serious opponent in the shifterkart class as well. He achieved a perfect starting position for the heats due to the overall seventh position. He finished these on second, eighth and 21st places. On the overall list of rankings, he fell back to 15th position but still managed to enter the finals directly. The start into the first final went quite mixed though. John fell back considerably. He fought his way back throughout the 24 laps though and came in on the great 10th place. “Our speed is really good, a lot is still possible during the second race”, Norris promised right before the start. But the race ended before it had even begun. John’s back wheel fell off the rim and he had to forfeit the race. “How did we deserve this?”, Martin Hetschel asked himself in the evening. “John and Manuel were in best shape and were both stopped due to such a stupid defect.”

The team is going to start at the next race in two weeks. The ADAC Kart Masters kick-off is going to take place on the Hunsrückring/Hahn.


Track Days in Spring 2014

German chassis manufacturer Mach1 Kart is offering multiple test days in Germany and Belgium around the start of the season. Interested drivers and teams are going to be able to assure themselves of the Mach1-chassis’ performance and the professionalism of a factory team.

The successes speak for themselves: In the 2013 season, Mach1 Motorsport caused quite a stir throughout all areas – from club sports to Rotax Max and the X30 classes up to the DKM. In the end, the manufacturer even achieved the third ADAC Kart Masters Championship title in a row.

As a season preparation, the factory team of the German chassis manufacturer Mach1 Kart is offering ample test- and adjustment-drives for customers and others who are also interested. On appointment, the team is going to help with words and deeds and can also, if requested, provide material for the classes KFJ, KF, KZ, Rotax and Rotax DD2, Iame X30 as well as Micro/Mini. Interested drivers and teams can register for the test days by phone (+49 7135 / 9849-0) or via e-mail (info [at] mach1kart [dot] de). These are going to take place between February and April in Genk, Liedolsheim, Wackersdorf and Hahn/Hunsrück.

The Mach1 Motorsport factory team is going to start at all the big national and international races in 2014. Among these are the CIK-FIA European Championship for the classes KF, KFJ and KZ, the German Kart Championship, the ADAC Kart Masters and X30 Euro Finale in Mariembourg. Additionally, more races can be attended on request.

In addition to the factory team, Mach1 Kart is going to enter multiple Mach1 Factory Supported Teams into the races. Scheduled are the Rotax Max Euro Challenge, the Rotax Max Challenges, the ADAC regional series, the German Vega Trophy and many more.

Inquiries from drivers and teams for Germany and abroad are still also welcome.

Test drive dates in 2014:

  • February 20th-22nd: Genk
  • February 27th – March 3rd: Liedolsheim
  • March 22nd-23rd: Wackersdorf
  • April 5th-6th: Hahn

*(All dates depending on the weather, without engagement)

Mach1 Motorsport impresses at the DKM final

Mach1 Motorsport bei der DKM in GenkGerman chassis manufacturer Mach1 Motorsport said goodbye to the German Kart Championship with a strong performance. In Belgian Genk, factory driver John Norris secured third place on the overall list of rankings and stood on the winners’ podium once again.

Mach1 Motorsport had started into the 2013 DKM season as a big title favorite and lived up to this status throughout the course of the year. With John Norris, they established themselves at the top of the highest German kart racing grade and stayed part of the fight for the title until the end of the season. The conditions on the 1.360m long tack were not easy ones though. Temporary rain made choosing the right setup a difficult task. The Mach1 kart proved its winning qualities once again though.

During qualifying, John Norris had slight starting difficulties and wasn’t able to get further than 16th place. He then achieved a huge leap during the first heat. He fought his way forward to third position and thereby showed a first highlight. He then had to deal with a setback during the second heat though. He fell back considerably due to a collision with an opponent and even had to deal with a falling out in the end. Therefore, he only ended up on 13th place overall.

He then gave it his all again during the finals on Sunday and finished on the great eighth place at the first race. He then increased his performance even more during the last race of the year. On the dry track John was able to gain on the leading drivers and temporarily even led the field. He came in second and thereby secured third place on the overall list of rankings. “We fight for championship points during five weekends and ten races and in the end the drivers have the same amount of points on the overall list of rankings. We can be very content with our performance this weekend. John drove the fastest lap of the final race and used the all-round qualities of our chassis”, Martin Hetschel summed up afterwards.

In midfield, his Swiss teammate Marco Forrer could be found. After the heats he established himself on 20th position and was able to tie in with this performance during the finals. He came in 21st and 24th respectively. “Marco lacked experience on this difficult track. The rain on Friday made it even harder for him to find his rhythm”, commented team leader Martin Hetschel.

At the juniors, Nicolai Hagenaes faced the field consisting of 39 drivers. The races were made up of ups and downs for the Norwegian though. Only on 26th place during qualifying, he managed to achieve 8th and 13th places at the heats. This made him 12th on the overall list of rankings on Saturday evening. The first started in a very mixed manner for him though. On the wet track he only came in 23rd. The reigning Norwegian champion then provided a successful finish during the second final. From the back of midfield he managed to drive forward up to 12th place.

“Nico still lacks a little consistency. His basic speed is very high but unfortunately he’s not able to call it forward all the time. The second race proved what he’s capable of though”, Martin Hetschel praised his junior. “All in all it has been a great year for us. We’ve experienced a couple of ups and downs, which are always part of it. Even though we didn’t win the title, we can still be content. Mach1 kart was one of the best chassis at the German Kart Championship”, continued Hetschel.

The team is going to travel to the next big event in only a couple of days. Mach1 Motorsport will start at the IAME X30 International Cup in French Lyon.