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Informationen zu Mach1 Rennkarts

Mach1 Kart satisfies at the RMKC

Mach1 Motorsport in LiedolsheimMach1 Motorsport can look back on an extremely successful racing weekend. At the opening of the season of the Rhein Main Kart Cup, the team stood on the winners’ podium in a total of three classes and presented a great performance of their drivers.

In KF2, factory driver John Norris arranged for international glamour. The Irishman was the fastest driver on the track throughout the entire weekend and won a clear stage victory. “We were aware of the fact that John does not have a lot of competition this time. Nonetheless, he wanted to pay tribute to the clubsport through his commitment as well as advice and actively support his teammates in the lower classes,” explained team leader Martin Hetschel. In addition to Norris, newcomer Lisa Christin Brunner participated in a Mach1 Kart for the first time and did really well right away. After two very mixed starts she managed to fight her way to the front again respectively and finally came in on second position right behind her teammate.

Three IAME X30 juniors used the race as a training unit for the ADAC Kart Masters opening in two weeks. Everything did not go according to plan though. Sebastian Schwendt had to deal with carburetor problems and was therefore not able to tie in with his great performance at the Oscherslebener Winter Cup. The team managed to get a grip on the problem for the finals though and Sebastian closed the gap on the top group. Due to the fastest lap of the race, he came in third in the day’s ranking. The second driver, Axel Ausländer, achieved starting position six during qualifying and managed to defend this position during the first race. He was not so lucky in the finals though: during a skirmish he lost his frontal covering and with it his chances of a good overall result. Phillipp Heim on the other hand trod new ground and showed a remarkable performance during his first X30 junior race. After a breakdown in the first heat, he demonstrated strong nerves during the second and came in sixth.

Johannes Gumbrecht also celebrated a debut. In Liedolsheim, the youngster participated in his first KF3 race and continuously increased his performance throughout the course of the weekend. In the end he managed to stand on the winners’ podium on the third position.

On Sunday evening Martin Hetschel gave a positive summary of the weekend: “All in all, we are very content. We didn’t have any problems with the new chassis and managed to satisfy even with increasing grip. Additionally, we’re receiving a lot of positive feedback from outsiders regarding our new Mach1 FIA9 kart and the modified design, which of course prods us to become even better.”

Many pictures coud be found on our Facebook pages.

The team’s next race will be at the ADAC Kart Masters opening on April 14th and 15th at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben.

Mach1 Kart is chassis partner of the Rotax Grand Finals

Mach1 Kart and the Rotax Grand Finals 2012 Great delight for Mach1 Kart. The German chassis manufacturer is providing the chassis in DD2 category for the Rotax World Final 2012 in Portugal and herewith takes a big step into the international market.
For years, the Rotax Grand Finals stands for the biggest karting event of the year and brings together the best pilots from all around the world. Rotax, the engine manufacturer from Austria committed to equal opportunities and therefore equipping the pilots with brand new standard karts. The Rotax Max DD2 category will be equipped in 2012 by a German manufacturer. Mach1 Kart was selected as supplier and will deliver nearly 80 brand-new chassis to Portugal. Mach1 Motorsports team principal Martin Hetschel appreciates the commitment and feels significantly increased brand attention: “We are very proud to provide this prestigious Rotax race as a partner. We have put a lot of force in the development in recent years and must now reap the rewards. The Grand Finals will be accompanied by world media and thereby increase significantly our product appearance on the international market. “
The Grand Finals takes place for the first time at Kartodromo Internacional do Algarve (PORTIMAO / PORTUGAL) from November, 28th to December, 1st.

press release: Fast-Media – Björn Niemann

Be part of the U18 world karting championship with Mach1

CIK/FIA U18 WKCIncluding races in Portugal,France and Bahrain, the CIK-FIA U18 world championship promises suspenseful karting in 2012 once again. Mach1-Motorsport will be starting as well and is extending attractive offers to interested drivers.

Since its debut in 2010, the U18 world championship has been growing steadily and, next to the KF1 kart world championship, now belongs to the highest ratings in kart racing. The concept has not changed though. Once again, the participants are allowed to request their brand of choice from a chassispool of 18 manufacturers. In contrast, the engines and tires are uniform and will be allotted before every race.

Mach1-Kart has been part of the U18 world championship from the very first minute and has always been able to compete with the other strong international teams. Last year, they won second place at the finale in Italian Sarno and ended the year on the overall positions 12, 17 and 21. The Swabian manufactory has set even higher goals for this season. They were already able to achieve remarkable results at the Lonato Winter Cup  with their new model FIA9 2012 and are now ready for the start of the season in Braga, Portugal (July  6th-8th). “The U18 world championship has assured us during the last two years. There is an incredible power density due to the allotment of the uniform engines and tires. We have definitely been able to satisfy with our chassis and to present ourselves well on the international market”, says team leader Martin Hetschel during a conversation.

Interested drivers can still enter the world championship until March, 30th or until 102 entries have been reached. Mach1-Kart is extending an attractive overall offer and is looking forward to test requests. “The drivers have the possibility of buying or renting the chassis and will furthermore be supported by a first-class technical service on location.”

In addition to the first race of the season in Portugal, the world championship will also take place in Angerville (France) and the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is planned that the CIK will cover the transport costs and air ticket for each pilot to the final race inBahrain.

Overview of dates:
July 6th-8th-Braga(Portugal)
August 24th-26th – Angerville (France)
November 8th – November 10th –Bahrain(Kingdom of Bahrain)

Mach1 FIA9-2012Specs of Mach1 FIA9 2012:
tubing:  ø30mm
wheel base: 1048mm
Sniper Adjuster on front axle
front and rear torsion bars
stub axle with bolts ø25mm
HRP EvoX braking system
rims DWT VLV 132/212
Tillett T12 seat
KG FP7/CIK17 bodywork

New look lights up Mach1 Motorsport

John Norris with Mach1 Kart at the Winter Cup Lonato
John Norris (KF2) Mach1 Motorsport

The start of the German Chassis manufacturer’s Mach1-kart could not have gone better. At the 17th Winter Cup on the South Garda Circuit in Lonato (I), the team proved their international strength and secured an impressive ninth overall-rank in the KF2.

When the Mach1-Motorsport team took the trip to the race inItaly, they were very excited. After numerous training kilometers with the new FIA9 A03 Chassis, this was the first chance to test their new development in a direct comparison and after the first free trainings the spirits were high already in the Swabians’ camp: “We’re thrilled”, says team leader Martin Hetschel confidently.

Irish John Norris was the fastest man of the weekend. After his great overall victory at the Graf Berghe von Trips Memorial at the end of last year, he was able to tie in with that great performance and came in as the excellent 16th of his group during qualifying. He knew how to benefit his position during the Heats as well and secured the direct qualification to the finals due to a solid performance and three top ten placements. At the pre-finale, he thus started from the 21st position and, due to fast lap times, fought his way to the great 10th place. The finale did not start as well though. After a moderate start he lost important positions, but knew how to use the long 25 laps to his advantage and reached the finish line on the impressive 9th position. His comment after the race was thus suitably euphoric: “It’s been an unbelievable weekend for us. The final races went very well and I’m happy with the final result. A big thank you to the team and Blanken Tuning for the outstanding engines.”

Lucas Speck at the Lonato Winter Cup with Mach1 Kart
Lucas Speck (KF2) Mach1 Motorsport

Lucas Speck was the second driver to start in the class KF2. The Rhinelander did not manage to drive an optimal lap during qualifying and therefore had a difficult starting position concerning the total of five Heats. During these runs, he managed to show his untiring will to fight and was able to gain numerous places during each race, which landed him on rank 49 on Saturday evening and secured him the chance to qualify for the finals via the repechage. Despite a great performance, he could not surpass rank 15. Even though he could not participate in the finale, Lucas was content with his first race on the traditional track: “It’s been my first time here in Lonato and I’ve felt comfortable immediately. I ended up being the best German KF2-driver and with these newly gained experiences am now able to confidently start the season in this new Chassis.”

Manuel Valier at the Lonato Winter Cup with Mach1 Kart
Manuel Valier (KF2) Mach1 Motorsport

Manuel Valier (KF2) and Irish Odrhan Henry (KF3) both had their premieres in the Mach1-Motorsport team. It was a weekend of ups and downs for both of them though. Valier had to cope with a lot of electrical problems during free trainings and was therefore only able to drive a few laps, which ultimately showed during qualifying and the Heats. Starting from the end of the field respectively, the likable driver from Munich had a hard time fighting his way forward and in the end barely missed entering the repechage, coming in 70th.

Odrhan Henry at the Lonato Winter Cup with Mach1 Kart
Odrhan Henry (KF3) Mach1 Motorsport

Meanwhile, 13-year-old Odrhan Henry from Ireland entered completely new territory. Starting in such a top-class, international race for the first time allowed him to gain numerous experiences, which he is now hoping to apply in a positive way when guest starting at the German Junior Kart Championship.

On Sunday, team leader Martin Hetschel was happy with the performance of the new Mach1-Chassis and can hardly wait for the season to start: “We’ve worked hard during the last three years and can now reap the benefits. Our Chassis is on a high international level and was able to satisfyingly perform on diverse track conditions throughout the weekend. Until the season starts, we will now complete some more tests, and will enter the first race perfectly prepared.”


Successful Home Exhibition for Mach1

Mach1 home exhibition 2012
Mach1 home exhibition 2012

Nearly 500 visitors from all around Europe found their way to the Hetschel company’s open house party in Brackenheim. Especially on Saturday the visiters crowded around the exhibits and parking space was nearly exhausted. The numerous customers were especially interested in our new Mach1 FIA9 2012 chassis as well as our big range of hobby and leisure chassis. Many customers picked up their preorderd chassis on this occasion.

Further highlights were the technical workshops, helt for around 150 interested karters. Mach1’s staff members gave lectures on chassis setup and engine maintenance. Heinz Franzen (Alfano Germany) informed about the new and innovative data loggers from Alfano.

The big sale and second-hand shop was well-attended, too. Driver’s suits, bodywork, engines, tyres and chassis were attracting the customers. All of this items can be viewed in our web-shop as well.

A special gimmick ended as bestseller: The “Mach1 – powered by karting”  energy drink. Due to the big request, we set-up a micro store:


Mach1 Motorsport makes it onto world championship podium

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Martin Mortensen with Mach1 Kart at the U18 WM
Martin Mortensen U18 WM

The Mach1 Kart factory team experienced a perfect season ending at the U18 world championship finale in Italian Sarno. The team proved their fighting spirit on the 1700m track and was finally rewarded by gaining the great 2nd place.

Three of their drivers started on the challenging race course inItaly: Danes Martin Mortensen and Yannick Flygenring as well as the only German, Lukas Speck. The weather provided additional suspense. Heavy rain and tornado-like gusts of wind demanded a great deal of the participants on Sunday morning.

Martin Mortensen was the most successful driver, even though it was not clear whether or not he would start at all for quite a while. During free training on Friday, the youngster had a bad accident and was only cleared for starting by the race physician after warm up on Saturday morning. With a newly built Mach1-chassis he gathered momentum again right from the start and placed 24th during qualifying. He managed to validate his great performance during the Heats. He did the best performance possible on Saturday, by twice coming in 9th and once coming in 4th. He then suffered a minor setback on Sunday. Martin lost his rear axle’s ID-tag and his performance was not counted during the last run. Despite this flop he still managed to move to the finale on the 30th position in the end.

He did everything right during the pre-finals then. From 30th starting position, he fought his way through the top-class field and was able to land on 15th position. He managed to up the ante during the second pre-finale. This time the starting order was reversed and after starting from 5th position, he gained two more positions and after adding up the points, he ended up on the overall 7th place. During the finale, there was no holding back anymore. Martin went all the way and left one opponent after the other behind him. After 18 laps he crossed the finish line on the sensational 2nd place and revealed that maybe more would have been possible: “I’m very happy, the chassis worked perfectly and I was able to drive great times. If the race had gone on a couple of more laps, victory would have been possible.”

His teammates on the other hand had some bad luck. Qualifying did not go very well for Flygenring and he was not able to live up to his last weekends’ performances during the Heats as well. Always placing in midfield, the Dane was not able to enter the finals and was only allowed to race in the B-finale, during which he showed his skills and tried to fight his way forward with a number of duels. In the end he contentedly came in 11th.

The only German in the field, Lukas Speck, struggled with the performance of his power engine for quite some time. After a disappointing 21st place at qualifying and 10th and 17th places during the first Heats, the CIK-FIA responsible persons showed consideration. Lukas received a new engine and promptly came in 5th, landing in the top group. Thus he started on Sunday respectively hopeful. However, due to the heavy rain during the last Heat he was the victim of a collision and missed entrance to the big finale for the first time this year. Unfortunately, the mixed course of the weekend continued during the B-finale. Starting from 3rd position he had to forfeit the race after the first lap. The kart was uncontrollable due to the effects of the collision.

Despite Speck’s and Flygenring’s disappointments, the happiness about placing on the podium prevailed for team leader Martin Hetschel in the evening: “It was an incredible weekend with lots of ups and downs. Yannick and Lukas unfortunately had some bad luck and things did not go too well for Martin in the beginning either. But we never gave up and were able to prove the possibilities of our chassis through the final result. I want to say a huge thank you to the entire team for their great work throughout the year.”

Mach1 Motorsport junior Randy Berglas did a good job as well. The reigning Swiss Rotax Junior Champion started at the Academy Trophy and kept up with the frontrunners during the finale, coming in 8th. After this outstanding result, the young Swiss has now set himself big goals for 2012: “I’m happy about the season closure and am looking forward to next year. I will then start in the U18 world championship with Mach1 and am very optimistic regarding my chances with this great chassis.”

Mach1 Motorsport: Successful races in Italy

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John Norris at the Bridgestone Cup in Lonato
John Norris

The Mach1 Motorsport team participated in the old-established Bridgestone Cup finale on the South Garda Circuit in Italian Lonato with factory driver John Norris from Ireland. Despite some impassability, the team was able to persuade and gave an outlook on the chassis of 2012.

John Norris already gained momentum on the 1060m track on Thursday and Friday and was among the fastest drivers of the KF2 field consisting of 39 contestants. He had some bad luck during qualifying though. John did not have any perfect lap and lost important tenths, but he still achieved 15th overall position after 10 minutes. The Irishman started the Heats with a cool mind and did not get involved in unnecessary duels. In the end he twice came in 7th and secured the 8th starting position for the pre-finals on Sunday morning. Despite his great performance, John was at odds with the day’s development. “The power of my engine kept decreasing and I wasn’t able to fully attack in the end”, the overall winner of this year’s Graf Berghe von Trips Memorial explained in the evening.

The team was able to deal with these problems over night though and John managed to drive a top-five time. But not everything went perfectly on Sunday as well. His Mach1 Kart’s rear axle had loosened during the pre-finale and John had to forfeit the race due to a blocked break. During the finale’s 28 laps he was able to step it up once again though. Due to great lap times and neat maneuvers he managed to fight his way through the top-class field and finished on the remarkable 12th position. “We were highly competitive during the entire weekend and can be very content with the first hardness test of the 2012 chassis. The chassis can be very easily adjusted and it pardons a lot of mistakes. These qualities were especially helpful during my catch up race”, the Mach1 Kart driver analyzed his last race of the season.

Throughout the following weeks he is going to support his teammates with both words and deeds at the U18 world championship and will complete more test drives with the new Mach1 Kart. “Even though I love racing, I’m looking forward to my tasks during wintertime. I will support our clients during the test drives and further the development phase of the new chassis.”

Similar to Norris, team leader Martin Hetschel is looking forward to the winter months: “We did a great job during the last couple of years and are now reaping the benefits of it. Our chassis’ development has been very positive and we were able to celebrate several great successes.”

Runner-up-Teamchampionship for Mach1 Motorsport

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The Mach1 Motorsport team ended the finale of the German Kart Championship with an impressive performance. On the Erftlandring in Kerpen, the team established itself in the German kart racing elite’s front field and achieved a placement on the podium due to John Norris.

John Norris mit Mach1 Kart bei der DKM in Kerpen
John Norris

Difficult circumstances awaited the four drivers John Norris, Yannick Flygenring, Martin Mortensen and Lukas Speck. On Saturday, heavy rain temporarily made for impassable conditions on the 1107m track and additionally complicated the choice of the right setup. During qualifying, Dane Flygenring showed the best performance and led the quartet on sixth position. Following closely was John Norris on eighth position ahead of Lukas Speck (16th) and Martin Mortensen (25th). Flygenring then continued his successful run during the Heats. Despite a high speed spin-out during one of the Heats, he managed to gain the 4th starting place in the sprint on Sunday morning. The second Dane, Martin Mortensen, delivered an equally impressive performance. In each case, he managed to work his way from the back of the field to 6th place and was thus able to achieve the overall 10th place. Irish John Norris on the other hand had some bad luck. He was thrown back due to a malfunction and only ranked 14th on Saturday evening. Two positions further behind was Lukas Speck, the team’s only German.

On Sunday morning, the weather had calmed down and the final races of 2011’s season started under best conditions. Fastest driver of the race was John Norris. From the seventh starting row, he fought his way through the top-class field and just barely missed the top three, coming in fourth. His teammate Yannick Flygenring, who was once again able to deliver a great performance, came in just one position behind him. In contrast, Martin Mortensen and Lukas Speck were somewhat stuck in the turmoil of midfield. The duo reached the finish line after 13 laps on 11th and 18th position. During the finals, John Norris was able to up the ante even more. Due to a great run he was able to fight his way up to third position and therefore secured fifth rank in the overall standings. Flygenring on the other hand was hit pretty hard: during the starting phase he had to prematurely forfeit the race due to a crash. Mortensen and Speck made it through their laps without any bigger problems and managed to gain points once again, coming in 10th and 11th respectively.

In the evening, team leader Martin Hetschel was full of joy due to the successes of this year’s season: “It keeps going upward. All four drivers managed to satisfy during this weekend and delivered great performances. This is also confirmed by our second rank in the DKM team evaluation. We’re on the right track and will continue to work hard on ourselves.”

After this thrilling finale, the chassis manufacturer from Swabia will attend the Bridgestone Cup in Lonato, Italy in two weeks. Mach1 Motorsport still has driving positions available. Registration finish for the Bridgestone Cup has been moved to October 16th. Drivers who are interested can therefore still contact Mach1 on short notice.

Jannick Flygenring mit Mach1 Kart bei der DKM in Kerpen
Jannick Flygenring
Martin Mortensen mit Mach1 Kart bei der DKM in Kerpen
Martin Mortensen
Lucas Speck mit Mach1 Kart bei der DKM in Kerpen
Lucas Speck


Mach1 Motorsport’s split satisfaction

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John Norris mit Mach1 Kart
John Norris

Due to technical difficulties the Mach1 Motorsport team missed a top placement at the fourth race of the German Kart championship in Oschersleben. In the end, reaching the 10th rank during the finals meant a conciliatory close though.

John Norris from Irelandset the pace of the only German chassis manufacturer’s camp at the Mageburger Boerde. After great free practices he backed his performance up during qualifying by reaching the pole position in the German Kart championship’s top-class field. It was not an easy task for the Irishman though. During warm-up in the morning, his engine had been damaged. “Luckily we found the error and were able to register a new engine at the last minute”, revealed team leader Martin Hetschel. Starting from the front row respectively, John was able to establish himself in front field during the Heats and by reaching second and third position secured the overall third starting position for the sprint. Then, disaster took its course. Already during the warm-up lap, John’s ignition plug stopped working and he had to end the race before it had even started. Fuelled by a great deal of anger, he started an enthralling catch-up race during the finals. After only a few laps, John was headed for the top ten. But again, technology had the last word on the matter. A bracket of his cooling unit broke, causing the engine temperature to rise alarmingly. He came in 21st in the end. Despite this flop, John is still on the remarkable 6th position of the championship ranking.

Martin Mortensen mit Mach1 Kart
Martin Mortensen

Danish duo Martin Mortensen and Jannick Flygenring pulled the chestnuts out of the fire. It was their first race on the 1.018m high speed track and both started off very fast. After the Heats, Mortensen was on the 18th starting position, Flygenring followed on the 21st. Their start at Sunday morning’s sprint was rather retained though. Mortensen was only able to gain one position during the 13 laps, coming in 17th, Flygenring finished 21st again. During finals, the tide turned. Both vastly increased their performances and worked their ways up to the top ten. At the middle of the race, they were on 7th and 8th position. In the end both of them lost some ground though and came in 10th and 12threspectively.

Team leader Martin Hetschel was glad about the limitation of damage during the finals. “We definitely would have been able to drive at the forefront with John, but Martin and Jannick were able to satisfy once again as well. Their performances during the finals are worth cherishing. Both reached great times and collected well deserved championship points.”

Jannick Flygenring mit Mach1 Kart
Jannick Flygenring

The group’s next race will already take place next weekend. They will start at the ADAC Kart Masters’ finale in Kerpen. At the Erftland, Mach1 Kart driver Luca Walter even has chances of winning the IAME X30 junior class title.

Mach1 motorsports: great performance in Wackersdorf

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Luca Walter at the ADAC Kartmasters in Wackersdorf with Mach1 Kart
Luca Walter

The Mach1 motorsports team experienced a successful weekend at the next-to-last event of the ADAC Kart Masters at the Prokart Raceland Wackersdorf. The drivers got in on the top positions in two classes, thus confirming the great trend of the last weeks.

In the IAME X30 junior class Luca Walter competes for the overall victory of the championship. The youngster has been leading the overall standings since the second race of the season and managed to defend his position in Wackersdorf. He came in a satisfying sixth in the rainy qualifying and was able to step up his performance even more during the races. Luca established himself in the leading group and fought for victory in both rounds. In the end he got in fifth and second, collecting important points on his way to the championship title.

Lucas Speck at the ADAC Kartmasters in Wackersdorf with Mach1 Kart
Lucas Speck

KF2 duo John Norris and Lucas Speck started the racing weekend with a bang. After qualifying, they ended up on first and second place, astonishing their competition.  Lucas Speck managed to keep up his good performance during the heats and landed on the third starting position in the first race. Irish John Norris wasn’t so lucky. He was thrown back due to a malfunction and had to start the first race from the 24th position. But he wasn’t willing to give up. He fought his way through the international field with a great performance and came in 14th. Lucas Speck’s race didn’t go so well though. Due to a collision he had to let half of his competition pass him by and only managed to reach 12thposition by the end of the race. During the final race the duo started an incredible pursuit race. John Norris achieved numerous best times and just barely missed the winners’ rostrum, coming in fourth. Rear gunner Lucas Speck was in no way inferior to him and came in sixth place.

Mario Abbate at the ADAC Kartmasters in Wackersdorf with Mach1 Kart
Mario Abbate

Contrarily, it was a weekend to forget for Mario Abbate. The KF3 junior only came in 31stduring qualifying and had to gain a couple of positions during the heats to secure his qualification. He managed to pass this with flying colors, but in the end couldn’t enter the finals due to collisions and spins that kept slowing him down.

Team leader Martin Hetschel was very content with his protégés’ performances:  “Once again, we, a small chassis-producer, have shown that we can compete with the big brands. After this performance we should be able to be highly competitive in the third DKM race, which will also take place here in Wackersdorf.”

John Norris bei den ADAC Kartmaster in Wackersdorf mit Mach1 Kart
John Norris
Mach1 Motorsport bei den ADAC Kartmaster in Wackersdorf
Mach1 Motorsport