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Informationen zu Mach1 Rennkarts

Great Mach1 Show in Ampfing

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Jannick Flygenring at DKM in Ampfing
Jannick Flygenring at DKM in Ampfing

The Mach1 Motorsport Team travelled to the German Kart Championship’s second event in Bavarian Ampfing with three drivers who presented a perfect performance. Actually, Irish driver John Norris was temporarily in the run for the overall victory.
After their impressive performance at the U18 championship, Danish duo Martin Mortensen and Jannick Flygenring started into the second round of the DKM highly motivated. It was their first time on the challenging track in Ampfing (Bavaria), so they made use of the free trainings to get accustomed to it. After the Heats, both of them had placed in midfield and in the final races came in 16th and 17th respectively.
Irish John Norris on the other hand was in his best form again. Because he already belonged to the fastest drivers in the trainings, it came as no surprise that he ranked 4th after the qualifying. He kept increasing his performance with a 1st and a 3rd place during the heats, which secured him the pole position for the sprint on Sunday morning. “A perfect day”, beamed John in the evening. After a good warm-up he successfully started into the sprint and did a solid race on Sunday morning. He came in fifth place. “I expected a little more grip and therefore needed too much time to reach yesterday’s pace.” In the final race everything came together again and he engaged in enthralling battles. Six laps before the end he promisingly ranked fourth. However, he once ran over the curbs too hard, thereby destroying his brake disc. After a short moment of shock he quickly adapted to his new situation and finished the race using only his front brake. At the finish line he had only lost three positions, proving his outstanding driving skills. “What a pity”, says Norris disappointedly. “The Kart worked perfectly and I was sure to win a place on the podium. Despite this small misfortune I’m still very content.”
Team leader Martin Hetschel was very glad about the successful race as well. “This year is going very well for us. The Mach1-Kart has a great balance and additionally the combination TM/Bolex has a high competitive position. Now all we need to achieve a grand victory is a little bit of luck. Likewise, our drivers are constantly improving their performances and we’re now looking forward to the ADAC Kart Masters in Wackersdorf.”

Mach1 Kart: ADAC Kart Masters half-time champion

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Luca Walter beim ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 KartAfter the third race weekend of the ADAC Kart Masters in Ampfing Mach1 Kart Pilot Luca Walter leads furthermore the championship in the class IAME X30 junior. The other four pilots had a weekend with ups and downs.

After his success in Liedolsheim, Luca Walter was also very fast in Ampfing (Bavarian). In the first race of the IAME X30 junior class the drivers had very difficult track conditions. Luca showed a great performance and scored his second win. In the second round he was again quickly and finished on the second place. With these great results Luca got important points and lead the championship. Mach1 Motorsport team boss Martin Hetschel was happy with this success. “Luca drove two great races and showed that you can win with a Mach1 Kart on dry and wet conditions.”

Lucas Speck beim ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 KartBad luck had the other drivers in KF3 and KF2. The KF3 driver Mario Abbate had a great season start in Oschersleben and Liedolsheim. But in Ampfing he retired in one heat and lost the qualification for the final races. The two KF2 pilots Lucas Speck and John Norris had a disappointed weekend too. The guys were very fast in the qualifying but had misfortune in den races. Speck was in his first heat sixth, but had an engine failure in the second run and was at the end only 20th.



John Norris bei den ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 Kart Team made John Norris from Ireland had electronics problems on Saturday and managed the qualification as 32nd after the heats. In the final races on Sunday, Norris had a great comeback and overtook more than 20 drivers. But in the finish he got a penalty and dropped down to place 19. In the second race he had a crash in the midfield and retired early. Lucas Speck had a similar situation. After a failure in race one, he drove very fast times in round two and stepped up to rank 20.

With Loris Prattes the team collected first experience in the Bambini class. At Sunday midday he arrived the finish line in each race and was placed in the midfield.

“This weekend, we can not be satisfied. Our drivers were very fast but had many problems and couldn’t show their full performance.” Martin Hetschel frustrated.

Mario Abbate bei den ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 Kart Loris Prattes bei den ADAC Kartmasters mit Mach1 Kart

The next race for the German chassis manufacture is the start of the CIK-FIA U18 World Championship in Ortona (Italy). Mach1 Motorsport starts there with four drivers.


Mach1 Motorsport shows impressing weekend in Wackersdorf

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The Mach1 Motorsport Team had a hard weekend. Two drivers started at the German round of the Rotax Max Euro Challenge in Wackersdorf and two more drivers went to the season opener of the German Karting Championship in Genk (Belgium). In the end the team showed on each place a great performance.

Randy Berglas bei der REC in WackersdorfAfter the season start in Genk, the German chassis manufacturer started for a second time with his drivers Randy Berglas and John Norris in the Rotax Euro Challenge. Berglas rolled in the junior class in the staring grid and landed in a rainy qualifying on the 18th place. But only a few minutes later followed a bat message for the Swiss talent. The team mounted his rain tyres wrong and Randy was set back to the end of the field. A little bit disappointed he showed three excellent heats and fought back to start position 24th for the first final race on Sunday. After position 6th in the warm-up on Sunday morning Randy was confident for the race, but in the first corner the Swiss had an accident and must retire. In the second round he had a perfect race and showed with place 15th a great performance in the international field. Mach1 Motorsport bei der REC in Wackersdorf
Teammate John Norris from Ireland had a similar spectacular weekend in the Rotax Max Senior class. After a good qualifying and three excellent heats John was as 27th direct qualified for the final races. As with his young team mate, John’s first race was finished after the start. An opponent transported him into the grass and he loosed his chain. In the second race John droved fast lap times and was at the end 16th.

Team boss Martin Hetschel was very happy with the results on Sunday evening: “After this spectacular weekend I am very satisfied. The drivers and chassis worked very well and we are the best placed German team.”

In the German karting championship the Danish drivers Martin Mortensen and Jannick Flygenring showed in their first KF2 races a good performance, too. On Friday the weather conditions were very difficult and the duo couldn’t collect important experience. In the races the two guys were very fast what gives hope for a positive season. Only some technical problems prevented a better position. Martin Hetschel knows that there is still some work ahead of them: “The weather on Friday cost us some test time. Martin and Jannie have less experience in the KF2 class and have to learn in the next races. We must analyze the technical problems and will start well prepared at the next round in Ampfing.”
Jannik Flygenring bei der DKM in Genk Martin Mortensen bei der DKM in Genk

Previously, the team will be participating with four pilots the test day of the CIK-FIA World U18 Championships in Jesolo (Italy).

Mach1 Kart leads the ADAC Kart Masters

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Mach1 Motorsport had a very successful weekend at the second round of the ADAC Kart Masters in Liedolsheim (Germany). With Luca Walter one driver of the German kart manufacture leads the IAME X30 junior championship after the race.

The KF3 was with 49 drivers the biggest class at the second meeting of the ADAC Kart Masters. After a promising start in Oschersleben, Mario Abbate started cautious into this weekend. In the qualifying he was only 29th, but stepped up with rank 12 and 16 to position 18 in the starting grid for the first race. These were very turbulent for him and he finished the weekend in the final race of place 14th. In the championship Mario is now 13th overall.

John Norris from Ireland and Lukas Speck from Germany started in the KF2. On the challenging 1060 Meter long course the two guys were very fast. John started after the heats from the position 5th into the first race. In the 17 laps he showed a great performance and was on the brilliant second position at the end. In the final race the Irish guy couldn’t attack. His tyres were exhausted and he passed the finish line as 5th. His teammate Lucas Speck had some battery and engine problems in the heats and was only 27th in the grid for Race1. But Lukas was highly motivated and started a spectacular comeback. In the first run he was 13th and in the second 6th.

For the greatest success caused Luca Walter in the IAME X30 junior class. After a podium in Oschersleben he secured in two excited races place one and two and leads the overall championship at the moment.

In the evening team boss Martin Hetschel found only positive words: “Once again we have shown what is possible with our material and I am confident that we can surprise this season several times.”

Next weekend the team will start at the first race of the German Kart Championship in Genk (Belgium) and at the second round of the Rotax Euro Challenge in the German Wackersdorf.

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Mach1 Motorsport auf ganzer Linie erfolgreich

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Die deutsche Chassisschmiede Mach1 Kart legte beim Auftakt des ADAC Kart Masters in Oschersleben einen guten Start hin und war gleich in drei Klassen konkurrenzfähig.

In der Klasse IAME X30 Junioren, welche erstmalig im Championat des zweitgrößten Automobilclubs der Welt vertreten war, machte Luca Walther aus Bermaringen auf sich Aufmerksam. Der Youngster landete im Zeittraining auf Position zwei und beendete auch seine Rennen auf selbiger Position. Dabei übte er auf den Erstplatzierten kräftig Druck aus, fand letztlich aber keine Möglichkeit in Führung zu gehen.

Mario Abbate (KF3) bei den ADAC Kartmasters
Mario Abbate (KF3)

Mit 64 Piloten war die Klasse KF3 die stärkste Truppe im Kart Masters. Für Mach1 Motorsport ging Mario Abbate auf die Reise. Nach einem verhaltenen Start im Zeittraining, mit Position 38, arbeitete er sich in den Heats durch das Feld und stand im ersten Finalrennen auf der 24. Position. Auch in diesem gelang ihm bei bestem Wetter ein weiterer Sprung nach vorne. So sah Mario nach 17 Rennrunden die Zielflagge als Zwölfter.  Im letzten Rennen des Wochenendes ging es im Mittelfeld drunter und drüber. Zahlreiche Positionskämpfe machten es schwer heil über die Runden zu kommen. Auch Mario musste das lernen und fiel letztlich bis auf Rang 15 zurück.

Als Dritter im Bunde war Lucas Speck aus Hilden in der KF2 vertreten. Mit Platz vier im Zeittraining legte er den Grundstein für ein erfolgreiches Wochenende und konnte seine Heats als Achter beenden.

Lucas Speck (KF2) bei den ADAC Kartmasters
Lucas Speck (KF2)

In den Finalrennen ging es wieder turbulent zu, Lucas büßte zwar ein paar Plätze ein, durfte am Sonntagabend aber mit Rang zwölf und 20 glücklich sein. Neben den Rennen des ADAC Kart Masters, wird Speck auch für Mach 1 Kart in der U18 Kartweltmeisterschaft antreten.

Wie Teamchef Martin Hetschel verrät, sind noch weitere Piloten in der U18 WM herzlich willkommen: „Wir haben im letzten Jahr bewiesen, was mit unserem Material möglich ist. In 2011 steht zusätzlich ein Rennen in Bahrain an, was die ganze Sache noch spannender macht.“ Wer die Teilnahme auf Grund der hohen Transportkosten scheut, braucht keine Angst haben. Das gesamte Einsatzmaterial wird durch die CIK-FIA nach Bahrain verschifft, die Kosten dafür übernimmt der Veranstalter.

Bevor es aber soweit ist, stehen für die Mannschaft noch weitere Rennen auf dem Programm. Der nächste Großevent findet mit der Rotax Max Euro Challenge in Wackersdorf statt.

Success for Mach 1 Kart in Oschersleben

The once German Kart manufacture Mach1 Kart travelled last weekend to the first of sixth rounds of the ADAC Kart Masters. The team started in three classes and was very successful.

In the IAME X30 junior class Luca Walther from Bermaringen represented the blue colours of the team. The youngster was the whole weekend very fast and lies after the qualifying on the second place. In the two final races Luca fought for the victory, he was very next to the leader, but didn’t find any way to overtake him. At the end he finished each race on the brilliant second position.

With 64 pilots the international KF3 was the strongest class at the weekend. For Mach 1 Motorsport Mario Abbate went on the track. In the time practise he started very slowly and was placed on the 38th place. The next two heats were much better. Luca went trough the field and take position 24 in the starting grid for the first final. After turbulent 16 laps, Mario was twelfth. In the last race of the weekend, Mario had many position battles and drooped down to rank 15th.

The third team member started in the KF2. Lucas Speck from Hilden had a great start and was fourth after the qualifying. After position four and nine in the qualification heats, Lucas was eight before the first final races. These were very turbulent und Lucas lost some positions, but at the end he was 12th and 20th and very happy with his results. In addition to the ADAC Kart Masters races Lucas take also place with Mach1 Motorsport in the CIK-FIA U18 World Cup.

Team manager Martin Hetschel told, that other pilots in the World Cup are welcome:  “After the first edition last year we are very happy with our results. The Mach1 kart was very fast on each track. In 2011 there is also a race in Bahrain, which makes things even more exciting.” To reduce the transport costs, the CIK-FIA collect all race equipment at the second round in Franze and shipped it to Bahrain. The costs are covered by the organizers.

But before these big races, the team will start at the second round of the Rotax Euro Challenge in Wackersdorf (Germany) in a few weeks.

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