Mach1 Kart wins ADAC Kart Masters

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Luca Walter has done it! At the ADAC Kart Masters finale in Kerpen he won the championship title in the IAME X30 junior class after driving spectacular races. The other Mach1 drivers were also able to satisfy and fought for victories.

After the twelve enthralling races of this season, Luca Walter got to rejoice last weekend. The Mach1 driver showed a great performance despite adverse weather conditions and got to be happy about the overall victory in the evening. Mach1 Motorsport team leader Martin Hetschel was also very pleased about Luca’s success: “He has shown a steady performance throughout the entire year and deserved to win. Our Mach1 Kart served as a good base for him and proves to us that we did good work during the last months.”
The KF2 team was also able to impress. They had two irons in the fire – John Norris and Lucas Speck – and were able to successfully start into the races from 2nd and 4th positions. Unfortunately, these results did not continue during the Heats. Norris got into accidents during both races and ended up off the track, putting him on 25th position in the overall ranking. In contrast Speck did better. Due to a race win and a fourth place he would have been at the front in the next race. But a controversial penalty cost him his fourth place and finally put him on 14th position. Both of them were not intimated though. John and Lucas fought their ways through the international field and finished their first qualifying run as impressive fifth and seventh drivers. The duo competed in front field during the second run as well and Norris temporarily even fought for victory. However, both of them had to prematurely forfeit the race after an accident that was no fault of their own. In the evening, team leader Martin Hetschel was visibly upset about the competition’s fairness: “Actions like these are completely unnecessary. Our drivers were on promising positions and then just got pushed off the track. Otherwise, we definitely would have placed on the podium.”

In the meantime, KF3 fosterling Mario Abbate experienced a weekend to forget. After a malfunction during the Heats, he did not qualify for the finals and had to prematurely travel home Saturday evening. Sabrina Klein celebrated her premiere at the IAME X30 at the ADAC Kart Masters. After a satisfying 11th place during qualifying, she finished her first race on 11th position as well. However, she had some tough luck during the second run. She got thwarted during the race’s initial phase and could not get past 15th place. As she later found out, her engine had a bearing damage that caused the loss of power during the race.

The only German chassis manufacturer’s next performance will take place in two weeks at the renowned Graf Berghe von Trips Memorial, also on the Erftlandring in Kerpen.


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