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Mach1 Motorsport impresses in Ampfing

Last weekend, the Mach1 Motorsport team traveled to Bavarian Ampfing for the second event of the ADAC Kart Masters season. The German chassis manufacturer started at the racing event of the second biggest automobile club in the world with three drivers and highlighted their competitiveness.

Drivers, spectators and teams experienced a perfect kart racing weekend on the Schweppermannring in Ampfing. Midsummery temperatures and a mostly blue sky warranted thrilling racing action on the 1.063m long track from May 27th – 29th. 176 participants gathered at the track in Upper Bavaria and fought for the next championship points in Germany’s biggest kart racing series. Mach1 Motorsport started in three different categories and were able to prove their potential.

Cameron Boedler started with a Mach1 chassis and an engine by German manufacturer Rexon for the first time at the OK juniors. The German-Brazilian quarreled with the difficult track conditions during qualifying on Saturday on 18th place. “Quickly starting rainfall completely altered the conditions – I had to drive on the wet track in Ampfing for the first time and unfortunately wasn’t able to find my rhythm quickly enough”, the youngster explained. With slick tires, Cameron subsequently showed a strong upward trend. After the heats he went into the first race from 14th place and raced forward to 11th place then. During the second race, the young driver even achieved eighth place and thereby collected important championship points.

Pawel Myszkier celebrated his debut at the X30 senior category. Usually active at the shifterkarts, last weekend the Pole dared a guest start at the class with gearless IAME-engines and showed a great performance. After qualifying Pawel was on 23rd position in the 32-man field and thereby stayed considerably behind his own expectations. But during the heats the Mach1 factory driver already got along a lot better. Due to eighth and eleventh places he was on eighth position in the interim standings and started into the ranked races from there. During the first race Pawel lost a position due to turbulences but then gave it his all once more and finished his X30 premiere on the impressive fifth place.

Julian Müller also started as a soloist at the shifterkarts. After a messed up ADAC Kart Masters kick-off in Hahn (early drop out), things went considerably better for the Cologne resident in Ampfing. On 15th place at qualifying, Julian directly qualified for the final races by being on 10th place after the heats. The Mach1 Motorsport-protégé also finished the first ranked race on this position. During the second race he had to deal with a falling out though and thereby eliminated all hopes for another top ten result.

Nonetheless, team leader Martin Hetschel summed things up positively after the event: “My drivers were able to completely convince this weekend. Cameron and Pawel fought their ways forward really well and illustrated the efficiency of our chassis. Julian drove really well too. Without the falling out at the second race he surely would have been able to get a lot farther too. Thumbs up to the Mach1 factory supported teams as well. DS Kartsport and LS Kart drove among the front fields of all classes and thereby highlight the potential of our chassis once more.”

Mach1 kart successful multiple times at the kick-off to the ADAC Kart Masters in Hahn

The only German chassis manufacturer Mach1 kart started at the season kick-off to the ADAC Kart Masters last weekend. The racing series of the second biggest automobile club in the world took place in Hahn and lured 167 drivers to the challenging Hunsrückring. The team surrounding Martin Hetschel started with three drivers and impressed everyone at the OK juniors.

Traditionally, the first appointment on the ADAC Kart Masters calendar is the event on the 1.377m long track in Hahn. Being the first of five events during the course of the season of Germany’s biggest kart racing series, the event had a lot to offer last weekend. Great kart racing weather with summer-like temperatures and a cloudless sky made for optimal conditions for a thrilling racing weekend in the Hunsrück.

Cameron Boedler started at the OK juniors for Mach1 Motorsport. The German-Brazilian drove on this track for the first time and had a couple of difficulties getting used to the new circumstances in the beginning. During qualifying, the Mach1 driver ended up on the 20th place for the following heats among the field consisting of 30 drivers. There, the youngster showed his potential by coming in 13th during the first heat. Unfortunately he lost a couple of positions during the second and was only ranked 22nd.

He then started into the first final race from 19th position. There, the young driver showed a great performance. Due to impressive maneuvers he passed by his opponents lap after lap and fought his way forward to tenth place until the finish line. That wasn’t the end of it yet though: During the second ranked race he was able to tie in with his performance and achieved another top ten result by coming in seventh.

Next to Cameron, Luka Wlömer started at the ADAC Kart Masters with a Mach1 kart for the first time. After a kart racing abstinence of nine months the Berlin resident used the past weekend as an opportunity to test the German quality material. On 21st place after the heats, the 14-year-old drove forward to the 16th place during the first race. During the second, the young driver was involved in a collision at the start though and had to park his kart in the off prematurely.

Julian Müller entered the strongly fought for shifterkart category as a soloist. All in all, 36 KZ2 drivers fought for the first championship points and gave drivers and teams hard tasks to solve. After a longer break, Julian Müller showed a successful comeback. On 12th place after qualifying, the young racer optimistically looked forward to the following heats. Julian had lots of bad luck there though. Two fallings out made him fall back to the end of the interim rankings and therefore hindered qualification for the final races.

Nevertheless, team leader Martin Hetschel summed things up positively in the evening: “My drivers showed good performances this weekend. Cameron has shown a great performance despite the fact that he doesn’t have as much experience on the track as his opponents. With a little more driving experience, a top five result definitely would have been possible for him. Luka and Julian have shown the potential of our material as well, even though luck wasn’t on their sides this time. I want to congratulate my partners DS Kartsport as well as LS Kart. Tim Hartelt and Niklas Kalus have shown great performances at the Bambini by achieving fourth and fifth places in Mach1 karts. Lucas Speck prevailed at the shifterkarts on second place – things can really continue like this!”

Mach1 Motorsport travelled to Spanish Zuera directly from Hahn. There, the team and Douglas Lundberg are going to start at the second race of the CIK-FIA KZ1 European Kart Championship next weekend.

Mach1 Motorsport driver line-up extended to Cameron Boedler and Jordi van Moorsel

In addition to the current drivers of the Mach1 Motorsport team the German-Brazilian Cameron Boedler will compete the new OK-Junior and the Dutchman Jordi van Morsel in KZ2 next year.

In addition to the regular drivers Thierry Delre, Pawel Myskier and Marcel Schultheiß, Jordi van Moorsel will participate in 2016 at the DSKM, and the CIK / FIA European and World Championships and fight for top placements. In addition, he will probably racing in other categories, the details will be announced later on.

The KZ2 pilots Marco Forrer, Toni Greif and Tommy Neumann will compete in the new DMSB Schaltkart Cup and / or the ADAC Kart Masters and can certainly be top players there.

Rounding out the commitment to the juniors, Cameron Boedler, who already made his debut in the team at the SKUSA Super Nationals in Las Vegas and achieved there already a top result. He will represent the colors of Mach1 Kart in the ADAC Kart Masters and the DJKM in the OK-Junior category.

“We are proud to welcome two talented drivers in our distinguished team,” said team boss Martin Hetschel and continues: “Thus, we now have nine solid pilots for the 2016 season, negotiations with other interested parties are currently underway, we look forward. We are still open for queries in the OK, RotaxMAX and X30 in order to strengthen our forces even here. “

Mach1 kart successful at the ADAC Kart Masters

The ADAC Kart Masters started into its new season on the Hunsrückring/Hahn. Eight Mach1 kart drivers started there as well. The 2015 models of the German chassis manufacturer were able to impress from the bambini class to the shifterkarts and celebrated grand successes.

In great weather, the 195 participants of Germany’s strongest kart racing series started on the 1.377m long Hunsrückring. In addition to the Mach1 Motorsport team, the Mach1 factory supported teams DS Kartsport and BB Motorsport started with their drivers as well.

Marco Forrer and Toni Greif started for Mach1 Motorsport at the strongly contested shifterkart class. Counting 51 drivers, the field was completely filled up. Marco Forrer showed a solid performance and was able to improve his performance compared to the DSKM in Wackersdorf. After 22nd place at qualifying, he continuously got better and finished both heats on 11th place. From 14th starting position he drove forward during the first final race to 9th place. His great upwards trend was then unfortunately stopped during the second final race – Marco had to forfeit the race after a collision during the first lap. “The new Mach1 FIA5 Kart feels really good and is even easier to drive than the previous model. This is especially recognizable during the races. It’s a pity that I had to quit the second final race due to the accident. During the first race I drove the same times as the driver on third place”, the Swiss summed up in the evening.

His team mate Toni Greif was the best Mach1 driver after qualifying, on 18th place. He wasn’t content with this though – “The tire air pressure and the transmission weren’t right”, Toni commented on his result. He then got on well during the heats and finished these on 12th and 5th places. Unfortunately the disillusionment came after the second heat: Due to his overtaking someone during a yellow phase he was excluded from the ranking and missed entering the final races. “This is obviously very disappointing because the speed was right. During the first two laps things were really confusing due to all the accidents though and I must have missed the yellow flag”, he explained disappointedly.

DS-Kartsport protégé Alexander Heil started at the shifterkarts as well. The 2013 X30 senior champion is new to the gear class and achieved a good start by coming in 23rd during qualifying. He was able to improve his performance during the heats then and finished the first one on 10th place. A collision threw him back during the second but he was still able to enter the final races by coming in 24th. He was able to drive forward to 20th place during these and finished the second final race among the top ten, on the great ninth place.

In addition to Alexander Heil, Mark Wolf (X30 senior), Miroslaw Kravchenko and Luca Voncken (both bambini) started for DS-Kartsport as well. X30 senior Marc Wolf couldn’t achieve an optimal start in Hahn. He ended up on 18th place at the first final race and was then pushed off the track by an opponent during the second race and had to forfeit. Both bambini drivers showed strong performances though. Reigning vice champion Miroslaw Kravchenko belongs to the title favorites and showed a solid performance during the heats already. He entered the final races on fourth place and finished them on 3rd and 5th places. In the championship he is now on third place after the kick-off weekend. His team mate celebrated his ADAC Kart Masters premiere in Hahn and established himself in midfield immediately. With two top ten results he directly ended up among the cup ranks and is currently on ninth place on the overall list of rankings.

Baldur Bahn started into the 2015 season with a considerable training backlog. He felt comfortable in the new Mach1 FIA5 kart immediately though. Unfortunately a couple of quarrels and problems with the carburetor and engine cost him a countable result. The newly appointed team leader and driver in personal union doesn’t have time to bury his head in the sand though: He is going to start at the SAKC kick-off in Ampfing this weekend already.

Last but not least, Justin Tabakovic started at the shifterkarts. He continuously got better during his premiere race at the ADAC Kart Masters, but a 21st place and a falling out during the heats weren’t enough to enter the final races.

“I really want to praise all Mach1 drivers; they really did a great job this weekend. Additionally I have gotten lots of positive feedback regarding our new FIA5 chassis. I think we really did well with this”, Mach1 owner Martin Hetschel said in the evening, not without pride. To enable an even bigger audience to try the new material, Mach1 is planning some more test days in July, in cooperation with Mach1 factory supported team DS-Kartsport. We are going to publish details promptly.

Mach1 Motorsport: Not a lot of luck in Ampfing

After the exciting kick-off at the European Kart Championship, Mach1 Motorsport travelled to the second race of the ADAC Kart Masters. In Bavarian Ampfing, the team fought for the victory at the X30 senior class. Unfortunately, everything turned out differently in the end. There was still reason to rejoice, because a Mach1 chassis won at the Bambini class.

The factory team of the German Mach1 chassis started at the ADAC Kart Masters in Ampfing with four drivers. 199 drivers took part in the five designated classes in great weather. At the X30 senior class, a Mach1 Motorsport driver was able to drive in the forefront. Julian Müller achieved second place at qualifying and also gained a heat victory shortly afterwards. Due to another sixth place, he was on the third overall starting position for the first final race after the heats. Despite his high chances of winning, he was stopped by a defect then. His chain came off and forced the young driver from Cologne to forfeit the race. The disappointment was huge for the team as well as the driver: “Julian is in top condition this weekend and then this happens”, team leader Martin Hetschel said about the events. He then improved his performance during the second race again and fought his way forward from the last starting position to twelfth place. “With his catching up race, Julian proved what kind of performance he would have been capable of”, said Martin Hetschel in the evening.

Team mate Luca Walter had even worse luck. The X30 junior Champion of 2011 was involved in an accident during the first final race and suffered injuries to his shoulder. Martin Hetschel is hoping to see his protégé in a kart again soon: “Luca has dislocated his shoulder and is currently under medical care. The whole team wishes him a speedy recovery.”

Philipp Heim started at the X30 junior class. He had a good starting position due to his 19th place at qualifying. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so smoothly during the races then. He was only on 29th place after the heats and finished the first final race on this same position. During the second race he had to give up even before the start due to a technical defect during the warm-up lap. Marco Forrer missed entering the final races at the shifterkart class KZ2. The field was fully manned counting 50 drivers and Marco was able to impress due to fast lap times. Unfortunately, a collision during the second heat cost him qualifying for the finals. “Both of them have shown really good performances within their possibilities. Unfortunately Marco just barely missed entering the finals. His lap times were very competitive and without the collision he definitely would have entered the finals”, Martin Hetschel praised his drivers.

DS Kartsport provided a success for a Mach1 chassis. Miroslaw Kravchenko won at the Bambini class. “We congratulate the team on their success. This is the first victory of a Bambini chassis at the ADAC Kart Masters”, Hetschel rejoiced.

The team will continue their travels in only four days time. The second event of the German Kart Championship is going to take place in Wackersdorf. Just a few weeks prior to the European Shifterkart Championship, filled up fields are expected.


Mach1 Motorsport: Fast but without luck

Last weekend, the ADAC Kart Masters’ kick-off took place on the Hunsrückring/Hahn. Mach1 Motorsport sent five drivers into the race and showed strong performances. Unfortunately lots of bad racing luck cost them a countable result.

German chassis manufacturer Mach1 Kart travelled to the first of five events of the ADAC Kart Masters with high hopes – drivers of the factory team started in four different classes. At the KF junior class, Sophia Floersch celebrated her debut with Mach1 Motorsport. The fast ADAC Sports Foundation’s supported driver had to get used to the new chassis in the beginning. During the course of the trainings and heats, she became faster all the time and was aiming for the top ten on 14th place on Saturday evening. Unfortunately, her plan was stopped due to a falling out during the first final race. From the back of the field she was able to fight her way forward again during the second race though and ended up on the great 11th place. “We’ve shown our possibilities during the final races. Sophia got used to the new chassis quickly and was really fast. We will continue to work hard until Ampfing and then even more should be possible”, team leader Martin Hetschel said fiercely.

Philipp Heim showed a consistently strong performance at the X30 juniors. 37 youngsters started, of which only the best 34 would enter the finals in the end. Qualifying for the final races was no problem for Philipp. He was on 22nd starting position for the first final race and finished the races on 18th and 19th places.

Marco Forrer broke new ground: the Swiss started at the shifterkarts for the first time and faced a difficult task. Counting 50 drivers, the field was strongly manned. After a great qualifying and two thrilling heats, he achieved entering the finals and was able to improve his performance considerably. Coming in 20th and 16th, he was able to keep up with the front midfield and once again proved the high competitiveness of the Mach1 shifterkart chassis.

Julian Müller belonged to the favorites at the X30 seniors. Ending up on 6th place, the Cologne resident had a good starting position after qualifying and was able to tie in with this performance by achieving 6th place during the first heat. He then had some bad luck during the second. During the turbulent starting phase, he fell back considerably and only came in 22nd. This put him on 19th place on the overall list of rankings. Things didn’t get better during the first final race then. Once again, he was pushed off the track during the last lap and only came in 29th. Everything went smoothly during the last race of the weekend though. From the back of the field, Müller fought his way forward and was even able to collect some Championship points by coming in 12th. As second driver, Luca Walter got back into kart racing. The 2011 X30 junior Champion now started at the seniors and had to find his way back first. In the end, he came in 27th and 28th.

Even though the end results were quite sobering, Martin Hetschel still saw the positive side of the weekend: “Surely all of us had expected bigger successes. All in all it’s still looking good though. Our chassis’ performance is right and with a little bit more luck we could have landed on the podium.”

Mach1 Motorsport’s next chance is going to present itself on June 21st/22nd. The second event of the ADAC Kart Masters is going to take place in Bavarian Ampfing then.


Track Days in Spring 2014

German chassis manufacturer Mach1 Kart is offering multiple test days in Germany and Belgium around the start of the season. Interested drivers and teams are going to be able to assure themselves of the Mach1-chassis’ performance and the professionalism of a factory team.

The successes speak for themselves: In the 2013 season, Mach1 Motorsport caused quite a stir throughout all areas – from club sports to Rotax Max and the X30 classes up to the DKM. In the end, the manufacturer even achieved the third ADAC Kart Masters Championship title in a row.

As a season preparation, the factory team of the German chassis manufacturer Mach1 Kart is offering ample test- and adjustment-drives for customers and others who are also interested. On appointment, the team is going to help with words and deeds and can also, if requested, provide material for the classes KFJ, KF, KZ, Rotax and Rotax DD2, Iame X30 as well as Micro/Mini. Interested drivers and teams can register for the test days by phone (+49 7135 / 9849-0) or via e-mail (info [at] mach1kart [dot] de). These are going to take place between February and April in Genk, Liedolsheim, Wackersdorf and Hahn/Hunsrück.

The Mach1 Motorsport factory team is going to start at all the big national and international races in 2014. Among these are the CIK-FIA European Championship for the classes KF, KFJ and KZ, the German Kart Championship, the ADAC Kart Masters and X30 Euro Finale in Mariembourg. Additionally, more races can be attended on request.

In addition to the factory team, Mach1 Kart is going to enter multiple Mach1 Factory Supported Teams into the races. Scheduled are the Rotax Max Euro Challenge, the Rotax Max Challenges, the ADAC regional series, the German Vega Trophy and many more.

Inquiries from drivers and teams for Germany and abroad are still also welcome.

Test drive dates in 2014:

  • February 20th-22nd: Genk
  • February 27th – March 3rd: Liedolsheim
  • March 22nd-23rd: Wackersdorf
  • April 5th-6th: Hahn

*(All dates depending on the weather, without engagement)

Mach1 in-house exhibition 2014

Mach1 Kart Teamtrailer 2013Hausmesse bei Hetschel Mach1 KartKalender 2014-webLieferprogramm 2014German kart manufacturer Hetschel – Mach1 Kart invites also in 2014 to their in-house exhibition at the company’s head quarters in Meimsheim. On three days, interested public can visit the exhibition of the actual Mach1 kart line, the cutting edge frame and spare part production as well as attending and discussing at interesting workshops (in German language) on the topics karting basics, chassis setup and data recording.

The this Year’s opening hours are: Friday, 31st of January from 2pm to 6pm and Saturday, 1st of February from 10am to 6pm. On Sunday, 2nd of February, only the exhibition will be opened from 10am to 3pm, there will be no factory tours and workshops on Sunday.

Like in the recent Years, there are numerous news: The 2014 chassis line from Mach1 kart as well as the ’14 team wear at special rates. Interesting for motorsportclubs will be for sure the JKS1 youth karts with Honda 4-stroke engines from 6 hp to 9 hp. Rental kart operators will be shown the reliable and sporting in/outdoor rental kart Mach1 RT2 Evo II.

Additionally, Hetschel will hand out every visitor the huge wall calendar for 2014, which has already printed in the most interesting racing dates.

Representatives of the official factory team “Mach1 Motorsport” will inform you about the racing plans in the upcoming season. They will participate again at CIK, DKM, ADAC Kartmasters as well as several international X30 races. If you are interested to drive in a high professional and victory oriented racing team, do not hesitate to contact us.

As every Year there are also some specials, like well-conditioned chassis out of the racing team, tires in different compounds, Tillett seats and bodywork from KG and many more. There are additional discount vouchers which you can print out for additional savings.

The free-of-charge workshops on the topics karting basics, chassis setup and data recording will round out this event. There will be limited places for the workshops, thus Hetschel would like to receive your registration.

Mach1 Motorsport still aiming for the title

Alexander Heil at the ADAC Kartmasters with Mach1 Kart Julian Müller at the ADAC Kartmasters with Mach1 Kart Sebastian Schwendt at the ADAC Kartmasters with Mach1 Kart

The German chassis manufacturer Mach1-Kart had imagined something different when it came to the fourth race of the ADAC Kart Masters in Kerpen. In addition to heavy rain and difficult track conditions, the drivers didn’t have a lot of luck as well. Alexander Heil is still leading the X30 seniors though.

After Hahn, Oschersleben and Ampfing, the strongest German kart racing series stopped at the Erftlandring in Kerpen for its fourth ranked race. 209 participants found their ways to the 1.107m long track and didn’t experience easy races. Heavy rain temporarily made for difficult track conditions and the fields got mixed up.

Philipp Heim started at the X30 juniors as a soloist, but things didn’t go as he’d planned during the heats on Saturday already. Having started into the racing day quite well by coming in 18th during qualifying, he already had to prematurely end his weekend after the second heat and had to do without starting on Sunday. During a collision at warm-up he hurt his wrist; then got the all-clear on Monday. The wrist is okay and Philipp can get back behind the wheel very soon. Despite the big disappointment, team leader Martin Hetschel tried to build up his youngster: “I wish Philipp a quick recovery and I hope that after his bad luck in Ampfing and here, he will now be spared from further injuries.”

All eyes were on Alexander Heil at the X30 seniors. As the overall leader, he had the chance of winning the title prematurely in Kerpen. Everything looked really well for Heil after the heats. He qualified for the first final as the second driver and experienced an exciting race. Among a group of four, he fought fiercely for a place on the podium. After 18 laps, he was on second place again and thereby postponed the decision to the second final. During this, Alexander temporarily took the lead, but had to deal with a major setback only a short while later. An opponent pushed him off the track, which damaged Alex’ chain and forced him to forfeit the race. “This is really annoying, because everything went well until the falling out. Things will get tough again now – I’ll have to fully attack in Wackersdorf,” said Alexander regarding the future.

Julian Müller experienced a weekend to forget. After his guest spot at the DKM, he’s now starting at the X30 seniors again and wanted to use his newly gained experiences to achieve a positive result. During free trainings and warm-up on Saturday he constantly drove best times. But he wasn’t able to keep up this performance during the course of the weekend then. By coming in 16th during the first final, he stayed far behind his own expectations. Things got even worse during the second final: Because of a minor repair right before the start, his race wasn’t counted. “Julian fought like a lion but wasn’t rewarded for this. He’ll still be able to become vice champion at the finale in Wackersdorf though.”

Jan Jesse, Tim Linden, Sebastian Schwendt and Lukas Korsch also started for Mach1 and the Factory Support Team DS Kartsport. The quartet had a hard time though and wasn’t able to score any points. In the end, the most successful driver was Sebastian Schwendt who came in on the 19th and 24th places.

In the evening, Martin Hetschel was happy to have survived the weekend: “We’ve obviously had a lot more successful races. The rain didn’t make the drivers’ and mechanics’ work any easier. The Mach1-chassis has proven its all-round qualities though. In sun on Friday, changing weather on Saturday and heavy rain on Sunday, the chassis has always done a great job.”

In four weeks, things will get serious at the ADAC Kart Masters. The finale of the racing series of the second biggest automobile club in the world will take place at the Prokart Raceland Wackersdorf.


Mach1 Motorsport keeps double lead

Mach1 Motorsport winning at the ADAC Kartmasters in AmpfingThe Mach1 Motorsport team travelled to Bavarian Ampfing for the half time race of the ADAC Kart Masters. Ranked races five and six took place on the 1.063m long track and Mach1 was once again able to impress with their drivers. The team consolidated its’ double lead at the X30 seniors.

Alexander Heil and Julian Müller set the pace in the strongly manned X30 senior class once again. The successful duo could be found in the top five of qualifying and the Heats. In summation of the qualification races, Heil came in on the great second place. Müller almost gained pole position. But despite winning one Heat, he lost important places during the second run due to a 10-seconds-penalty and only came in on 8th starting position.

During the first final, things got exciting again in the strongest class of the ADAC Kart Masters. Temporarily, more than seven drivers had chances of winning. At the finish line, both drivers had reason to rejoice then. Julian Müller had fought his way to second place due to a great race, while Heil followed on fifth place. The second race didn’t go as smoothly though. While Heil was involved in the battle for victory again and placed on the third place of the winners’ podium, Müller’s Kart didn’t start in the beginning. With a huge backdrop, he finally started his catching up race over 18 laps and fought his way forward up to 24th position. On the overall Championship list of rankings, both drivers still managed to defend their double lead and are now looking forward to Kerpen. “Last year, I won in Kerpen”, laughed Julian Müller. Team leader Martin Hetschel was content as well: “Alexander und Julian highlighted that our material is competitive under any circumstances. We will give it our all to make sure both of them are still at the top at the end of the year.”

The racing weekend went less well for team mates Jan Jesse, Tim Linden, Sebastian Schwendt and Baldur Bahn. The quartet wasn’t able to free themselves from midfield and had to travel home with poor point-yields in the end.

In the meantime, Manuel Valier was able to gain some ground. The race was practically a home match for the Munich resident and he proved it on the track. While he had a bit of bad luck during the Heats on Saturday, he gave it his all during the finals on Sunday. Manuel fought his way forward to 3rd place and was able to defend this position during both races. Due to this result, he gained important Championship points and still has chances of placing in the top three on the overall list of rankings.

Unlucky fellow of the weekend was Philipp Heim. The junior was on a promising position after qualifying, but an accident during the first Heat forced him to quit the race prematurely. After a medical checkup, the doctors quickly gave the all-clear though. Starting at the finals on Sunday still wasn’t possible for him though. “Philipp still had to take medicine and therefore didn’t get clearance. I wish him a quick recovery and am looking forward to seeing him in a kart again very soon”, Martin Hetschel sent best wishes to his protégé on Sunday evening.

“Despite the accident, we can still draw a positive conclusion. We did very well in all of the classes and had several chances of winning races. In the X30 senior class, the Mach1-market share is more than 14%, making us the strongest force in this hard-fought class”, said Hetschel.

The next highlight awaits the team in a couple of days already. In Belgian Genk, the Chassis manufacturer will start at the final of the CIK-FIA KZ2 European Kart Championship with John Norris.